SSC CGL Success Story: Sumit Nilkarun (Assistant Audit Officer)

By Neha Uppal|Updated : November 25th, 2019

SSC CGL Success Story: Sumit Nilkarun (Assistant Audit Officer). 'Overanalysis leads to paralysis', with this quote let us welcome another inspiration who did not let the thought overpower him and surpassed his random thoughts by taking control of them and putting himself into action through quizzes and mock tests. There is a lot to learn from this story.

SSC CGL Success Story: Sumit Nilkarun (Assistant Audit Officer)

We had a detailed discussion with Sumit Nilkarun and here is what he has to say:

Q. What inspired you to prepare for SSC CGL?

Ans. This is the only exam through which I can join administration after UPSC which can be the backup for my UPSC journey.

Q. What was your preparation plan - both overall and sectional strategies?

Ans. #My_Strategy_to_qualify_SSC Many people look for the best strategy to be owned in order to qualify SC CGL exam in the very first attempt, So I'm providing you with the real ways to conquer this dream

Basic requirements- In order to clear this exam, lots of patience and perseverance is needed because it is a long journey and involves almost 1 year of the exam process. So, the following will be the prior need before starting the actual preparation:

1. MENTAL PREPAREDNESS for smart work cum hard work is necessary.

2. PUNCTUALITY is mandatory too.

3. And the most important is 'CONTINUITY' should be maintained until you qualify the exam.

So, this was the fundamental need.

Now I'm going to explain the books for different subjects and mock test as well. 1. For Quant, the pattern of Exam has shifted towards IBPS pattern so from now onwards you need to be skilled in calculation speed and the book is "Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma" for building the fundamentals. For the practice, the mock test is necessary for which you can use BYJU'S Exam Prep and other platforms etc. For question practice "Kiran's previous year question bank" is a must.

Note: In BYJU'S Exam Prep I used to solve many quizzes and practised a lot of Quant questions.

2. For General English, you need to comprehend the articles and should have a strong vocabulary. So, for this you need to complete at least once "WORD POWER Made easy" and for other needs of vocab, Nikhil Gupta's BLACK BOOK is best.

Now for the grammar section, you need to study "SSC English by Ajay Kumar Singh from MB Publication" and "Objective English by S P Bakshi" and the same amount of practice is needed through any platform like BYJU'S Exam Prep and other apps.

Parallelly try to read The Hindu newspaper daily as well.

3. For Reasoning, Practice all previous year questions and also questions based on a current pattern like easier puzzles, counting figures etc due to IBPS. And practice for the same from BYJU'S Exam Prep or any other platform of your choice.

4. Lastly, for the GS section, one needs the proper and smart guess based study through multiple platforms like important quizzes. This is what I did. But if someone wants to study it thoroughly then follow current affairs wholeheartedly, remember important Articles of our Constitution, important battles of History (Who, Where, When mostly), watch some youtube videos by scrutinizing contents by yourself with the help of previous year questions and syllabus.

Note: I practiced a lot from BYJU'S Exam Prep with the help of random quizzes.

Strategy for SSC CGL MAINS or TIER 2. Now coming to the Mains, two paper i.e., Quantitative Aptitude and General English is mandatory to all, Finance and Economics paper for AAO opted candidates and Statistics paper for JSO opted candidates.

 1. Quantitative Aptitude- For this same strategy needs to be opted for the common topics like Commercial Mathematics but in Mains or TIER 2, Advance Mathematics is the real challenge for this you need to practice a lot. Same books should be followed for all topics as mentioned in TIER 1 section.

2. General English- Now in this almost all the topics are same as in TIER 1 but you need to focus more on the following topics:- a. Reading Comprehension including passage and cloze test (Reading of The Hindu newspaper is highly recommended for this. This topic is highly scoring topic in English almost 30% ) b. Voice and Narration ( A lot of practice is required to achieve high score but yes this too is a Highly scoring topic in English, almost 25%)

For any query you can ask in the comment section, I will possibly reply to every query. (किसी भी प्रकार के प्रश्नों को मन में ना रखें, कॉमेंट में पूछ लें, मैं आपका उत्तर जरूर दूंगा।) If you want someone to be benefitted then plz #Share for them. Thank you #Keep_Visiting #Best_Wishes

Q. Which BYJU'S Exam Prep faculty or mentor helped you the most?

Ans. Although I didn't follow anyone sometimes I found Neha Uppal mam's article advantageous.

Q. How did BYJU'S Exam Prep App help you through the course of your preparation?

Ans. Free mocks and multiple quizzes with time limit helped me a lot in improving my accuracy.

Q. Who did you owe your success to?

Ans. I owe my parents and siblings a big credit for my success. Without them, I'm nothing. I also owe my success to my teachers who taught me well and at last all my friends who helped me in this lifelong journey.

Q. What were your strengths during the course of your preparation?

Ans. The only strength I have and I had is 'Perseverance.'

Q. What success mantra would you like to share with all SSC CGL aspirants?

Ans. Apart from the resources needed for the preparation, the following are the most important to achieve your dream:

1. STABILITY of your mind to focus only one exam at a time.




These are the four suggestions to be followed wholeheartedly at the time of preparation.

Let us all congratulate him on his success. Our nation needs such hard-working candidates who can serve the nation with all their dedication. We wish him all the best.

Here we end up the success story of  Sumit Nilkarun who got selected in SSC CGL 2017. If you are one the toppers in SSC CGL 2017 please fill this feedback form and we will publish your success story here.



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