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Small Signal Analysis of BJT Achievers Practice Quiz 2

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Question 1

Consider a transistor amplifier shown in figure below

This is a common collector amplifier, rπ is small signal resistance between base and emitter of the transistor and β is the common emitter current gain of the transistor. The output resistance Rout of amplifier is

Question 2

In the current mirror circuit shown below the transistor parameters are VBE=0.7 V, β=50 and the early voltage is infinite. Assume transistor are matched the output current I0 is

Question 3

The figure shown below is of Darlington pair both Q1 and Q2 have transconductance of gm1 and gm2 respectively. Find overall transconductance.

Question 4

In the 2 stage amplifier circuit shown in the figure below, if the transfer conductance of transistor Q1 and Q2 are gm1 and gm2 respectively, the overall Transconductance is

Question 5

The current ib through the base of a silicon npn transistor is 1 + 0.1 cos(10000 πt) mA. At 300 K, the rπ in the small signal model of the transistor is

Question 6

In the feedback amplifier circuit shown in figure, the BJT has. The overall gain in the amplifier approximately is _______

Question 7

For the common collector amplifier shown 39. in the figure, the BJT has high , negligible The maximum undistorted peak-to-peak output voltage (in Volts)is______.
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