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Single phase rectifier part 2 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

In case of single-phase half-wave diode rectifier feeding R load the rating of transformer required in order to supply a load of 100 watts is ____________VA.

Question 2

A single-phase 230 V, 1 kW heater is connected across 230 V, 50 Hz supply through a diode. Calculate the power delivered to the heater element.

Question 3

Find the time required to deliver a charge of 400 Ah, through a single-phase half-wave diode rectifier with an output current to 50 A rms and with sinusoidal input voltage. Assume diode conducts over a half-cycle.

Question 4

In a single-phase mid-point SCR converter load current is constant at 10A, when the firing angle is 20°. Turns ratio (secondary to primary)is 2.5 for input transformer and voltage supply is 240V, 50 Hz. The input power factor is

Question 5

The total harmonic distortion of output voltage in Single phase Half Bridge inverter is ________?

Question 6

A single-phase half controlled converter shown in the figure is feeding power to highly inductive load. The converter is operating at a firing angle of 60 °.

If the firing pulses are suddenly removed, the steady state voltage (v0) waveform of the converter will become

Question 7

Find the voltage ripple factor if An SCR rectifier circuit is designed such that the average output voltage is 77.64 V & RMS value of output voltage is 145.87 V.?
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