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Single phase Rectifier part 1 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

Consider a full wave diode rectifier with R-L load, given that Vs(t) = Vssinωt, where Vm = 170 V, f = 60 Hz and load R = 500 Ω. What is the value of series inductance to limit the ripple current to 5% of Idc (Design by ignoring harmonic order greater than three).

Question 2

For the circuit shown, Vs = 230V (rms), 50 Hz, Ls = 5 mH and E = 110V. The peak instantaneous output current will be ______ Ampere. (upto 2 decimal places).

Question 3

SCRs with a peak forward rating of 4 kV and an average on-state current rating of 100 A are used is a single-phase mid-point converter. If the safety factor is 2.5, then power that can be handled by this converter is_________ kW. (upto 2 decimal places).

Question 4

For a given single phase full bridge converter, if each SCR has 1.5V of voltage drop while conducting, then the required PIV of each SCR is_______ volts. (upto 3 decimal places).

Question 5

In the circuit shown, AC source is 120V rms at 60 Hz, L = 50 mH and Vdc = 72V. If the current in the circuit is given by the expression

i = 9.82 – 3.82ωt

what is the input power factor?

Given that diode conducts till 4.04 rad (Answer upto three decimal places)

Question 6

In single phase full wave controlled rectifier what is the maximum output voltage is obtained at conduction angle and minimum at conduction angle?

Question 7

A single phase rectifier circuit is supplied by an ideal source of 50 Hz, 220 V. For the firing angle of SCR 60°, diode D1 conducts for X° and thyristor T1 conducts for β°. What will the value of.Assuming T1 fired during positive half cycle and T2 fired during negative half cycle. Also, the current is assumed constant at load side.

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