Shingle Is-

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 7th, 2022

Shingle is-

  1. Decomposed laterite
  2. Crushed granite
  3. Water bound pebbles
  4. Air weathered rock

Answer: C. Water bound pebbles

Shingle is water bound pebbles.


Shingle: Shingle is a kind of water bound pebbles which is generally found near to natural water bodies and seashore regions. It is used as surfacing of boundary walls and material for roofing etc.

Murrum: murrum is formed by decomposition of laterite which is generally used in manufacturing of paver blocks. And murrum can also be used as binding material for construction of kaccha homes.

Rhyolite: Rhyolite is a kind of crushed granite which can be used as an aggregate in the road construction.

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