Shape Up your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist: 5th March 2021

By Oindrila Banerjee|Updated : March 5th, 2021

Vocabulary plays a very important role in enhancing your communication skills, be it written or spoken. As you glance through the newspaper every day, you come across a number of new words. Shape Up your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist from BYJU'S Exam Prep is a daily vocabulary exercise that will help enhance your vocabulary skills.

Vocabulary is an essential tool to ace the English section in competitive examinations. You can score better in the subject if you are able to intensify your command over Vocabulary. A regular reading habit can help you with this. With the exercise, you will come across a number of new words, whose meanings you can look up in the dictionary. This, in turn, will help you understand the context of the piece you are reading.

Reading articles from newspapers helps you in two ways: Memorising Static Facts from the Article & Enhancing your Vocabulary.

In conjunction with the above idea, we bring to you our series ‘Shape up your Vocabulary from Newspaper Wordlist’. This series aims to help you understand the different aspects of the commonly (and not so commonly) used words, ranging from their meaning and pronunciations to proper usage in sentences.

Today's article is from "The Hindu" newspaper. Understand the gist of the article using the meaning of the words given below and practice questions at the end of this article.

Rape and marriage: On the Supreme Court’s failure to protect the rights of women

Important Words from the Article

1. Word: Perpetrator (अपराधकर्ता)

  • Pronunciationpur-pi-trey-ter/ पर्पट्रैटर
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act.
  • Synonyms: offender, violator, culprit
  • Antonym: victim
  • Usage in a Sentence: The perpetrators of racially motivated violence must be punished.

2. Word: Consent (अनुमति)

  • Pronunciation: kuhn-sent /कन्सेन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning:
    a. to permit, approve, or agree; comply or yield (often followed by to or an infinitive):
  • Synonyms: acquiescence, compliance, assent, sanction
  • Antonyms: denial, refusal, protest, rejection
  • Usage in a sentence: Patriarchy has conditioned people into believing that consent can be earned through coercion. 

 3Word: Exploitative (शोषक)

  • Pronunciation: ik-sploi-tuh-tiv/एक्स्प्लॉइटटिव
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning
    a. using someone unfairly for your own advantage
    b. taking unfair or unethical advantage of a person, group, or situation for the purpose of profit, comfort, or advancement
  • Synonyms: predatory, scout
  • Antonyms: generative, beautiful
  • Usage in a sentence: Her success attracted too many exploitative relatives to count.

4. Word: Insensitive (असंवेदनशील)

  • Pronunciation: in-sen-si-tiv /इन्सेन्सिटिव
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning:
    a. deficient in human sensibility, acuteness of feeling, or consideration; unfeeling; callous
    b. not physically sensitive
    c. not affected by physical or chemical agencies or influences
    d. not readily responsive or aware
  • Synonyms: unfeeling, callous, heartless, unsympathetic
  • Antonyms: sensitive, sympathetic, kindhearted
  • Usage in a sentence: His comments on her disability were insensitive to say the least.

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5. Word: Mete (सजा देना/ सीमा)

  • Pronunciation: meet/मीट
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning:
    a. to distribute or apportion by measure; allot; dole (usually followed by out)
    b. dispense, allot justice, a punishment or harsh treatment
  • Synonyms: delimitation, borderline, apportion
  • Antonyms: place, heart and soul
  • Usage in a sentence: Schools should not mete out physical punishment to children.

6. Word: Misogyny (स्त्री - द्वेष)

  • Pronunciation: mi-soj-uh-nee/मिज़जिनी 
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning
    a. hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women
  • Synonyms: discrimination, chauvinism, sexism
  • Antonyms: gender equality, girl power
  • Usage in a sentence: In my opinion, our professor allows his misogyny to give women lower grades than men despite the work quality.

7. Word: Arduous  (कठिन)

  • Pronunciation:ar-du-ous/ आर्जूअस
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: demanding great effort or labour, difficult
  • Synonyms: difficult, hard,taxing
  • Antonyms: easy, effortless, simple
  • Usage in a Sentence: Last semester was a piece of cake, but taking seven classes along with an internship this semester is going to be arduous.

8. Word: Endorse (समर्थन करना)

  • Pronunciation: en-dawrs/ एन्डॉर्स
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning:
    a. to approve, support, or sustain
    b. to designate oneself as payee of (a check) by signing, usually on the reverse side of the instrument.
    c. to sign one's name on (a commercial document or other instrument).
    d. to make over (a stated amount) to another as payee by one's endorsement.
    e. to write (something) on the back of a document, paper, etc.
  • Synonyms: support, approve, sanction, ratify, validate
  • Antonyms: disapprove, reject, criticize, denounce
  • Usage in a sentence: This school does not endorse misbehaviour and lack of discipline. 

9. Word: Prescribe (लिख) 

  • Pronunciation: pres-cribe/ प्रस्क्राइब 
  • Part of speech: Verb
  • Meaning:
    a. (of a medical practitioner) advise and authorize the use of (a medicine or treatment) for someone, especially in writing
    b. state authoritatively or as a rule that (an action or procedure) should be carried out
  • Synonyms: define, determine, suggest
  • Antonyms: confuse, disallow
  • Usage in a sentence: The doctor prepared to prescribe a paracetamol.

10. Word: Blatant (ऊधमी)

  • Pronunciation: bleyt-nt/ ब्लेटन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Adjective
  • Meaning: (of bad behaviour) done openly and unashamedly.
  • Synonyms: flagrant, shameless, conspicuous
  • Antonyms: subtle, quiet, unnoticeable
  • Usage in a sentence: The whole episode was a blatant attempt to gain publicity.

'Writer's Corner'

Based on the description of the words, we have some practice questions for you. Answer these questions in the comments section. Our team will review them at the earliest!

Exercise 1. Make your own Sentences.

Here are some of the words from the above article. Try to frame sentences from them in your own words and share them with us in the comments section!

  • perpetrator
  • consent
  • exploitative
  • insensitive 
  • mete

Exercise 2: Match the columns.

SR No.WordSynonym
1 misogynyvalidate

Share your answers in the comment section. 

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That was your Vocabulary dose for the day. 

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