Important tips to crack Personal Interview and Group Exercises for SBI PO Exam 2021-22

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : January 31st, 2022

Tips to Crack Personal Interview For SBI PO: SBI has released the result of the mains exam of the SBI Probationary Officer Recruitment exam 2021-22. With the release of the SBI PO Main 2022 exam result list, the next big step in the SBI PO recruitment process is the Personal Interview and Group Exercises round. 

All the candidates who have been successfully cleared the mains round of the SBI PO exam 2021-22 will now be called for the Personal Interview and Group Exercises round. This is the third and final round in your journey to becoming a Probationary Officer in the SBI. Now you are on the verge of success so you need to be more careful than ever that is why we are writing this article to help prepare better for the SBI PO Interview round. In this article, we are going to discuss the whole process of PI and GE rounds and will provide you with important tips that will surely help you while Group exercises and Personal Interviews. 

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Now, let's first discuss the pattern of the SBI PO Personal Interview and Group Exercise Round. 

SBI PO: Personal Interview and Group Exercise Round 2021-22

There are some changes in the SBI PO PI and GE round this year. Due to the effects of the pandemic, the SBI has decided the third phase will be consist of either of the following:

1. Interview only (50 marks)


2. Interview (30 marks) & Group Exercises(20 marks)

So for this article, we'll assume that SBI PO will follow its trend will conduct both Group Exercise. Now let's look at the Important tips for the group exercises. 

The candidates need to know the SBI PO Cut-Off criteria to have a clear idea about it.

Important Tips for SBI PO Group Exercises

In SBI PO the Group Exercises are consist of the following:

1. Group Discussion (10 Marks)

2. Consensus/Prioritization Exercise. (10 Marks)

Now Let's look at some important tips for GD and PE for SBI PO 2021-2022.

Important Tips for Group Exercise:

Following are some important terms to keep in mind while appearing in the GD.

  • In the GD round, You will be called along with 9-10 other candidates into the conference room where you will sit in a semi-circular manner facing the moderators. 
  • The moderators will be top SBI executives and they will provide you with the topic for the GD once the introduction is completed. 
  • If you are familiar with the topic given then it is beneficial for you to start the discussion otherwise listen to fellow candidates carefully and try to gain some perspective before organizing your thoughts. 
  • Always try to present your points very clearly and concisely and avoid repeating the same point over and over.
  • During the GD the moderators usually judge your speaking ability, confidence, communication skills, listening skills, and leadership quality. So put your points in a calm, clear, and concise manner while carefully listening to other candidates' points. 
  • Try not to be aggressive or too defensive in your argument. Also, let others speak without interruptions. 
  • Try to maintain eye contact with all your fellow candidates while speaking and do not fix your gauge at one person. 
  • Body Language plays a vital role in GD. Try to be confident when speaking and maintain your composure. 
  • In the end, try to conclude the discussion with a suitable conclusion. Try to come to a probable conclusion at the end of the discussion. 

Important Tips for Consensus/Prioritization Exercise

  • In this round, contestants will be provided with a set of, usually 7 to 10, points which they will have to prioritize according to their understanding of the topic/ situation/ thinking ability.
  • Candidates are supposed to arrange these points in decreasing order of priority from top to bottom.  
  • You would be given a few minutes to decide the priority list yourself and then 15-20 minutes to discuss it with your fellow candidates.
  • At the end of these 15 minutes, your group must have made their consensus on the points.
  • Be open-minded and use an all-around perspective while prioritizing the points given in the exercise. 

Important Tips for SBI PO Personal Interview

  • The motive behind the Personal Interview round is to assess the various traits of the candidate's personality and to know whether the candidate will be able to handle the roles and responsibilities of the post, i.e., Post of Probationary Officer.
  • The interview round is a formal interaction so appearing in an appropriate attire is important. 
    • For Male candidates, wearing a light-colored shirt with a tie, preferable, well-ironed pants, and black or brown color formal shoes is the best combination.
    • Female candidates can choose between western formal wear or Indian formal wear. 
  • During the Interview round, there will be 5-6 Sr. executives from the bank. Do remember to ask for permission before entering the room and greet them before taking your seat. 
  • Answer all their queries and questions with positive body language and make sure to maintain eye contact with all the members of the panel. 
  • Don't be anxious and nervous while interacting with the interview panel. Take your time to assess their questions and answer them in a calm and composed manner. 
  • The members of the interview panel are well-educated and experienced individuals. So, do not try to outsmart them and be honest while answering the questions. Also, never try to be extreme about your opinions. 
  • If you do not know the answer to the interviewer's questions then politely tell them that you are not aware or do not know the answer to the questions. 
  • Try to include your hobbies and other extracurricular activities in your introductions so that you can direct the interest of the interview panel to those areas. Similarly, if do not mention anything that you don't want the interviewer's thoughts to be redirected at and asked questions upon. 
  • Make sure that you are aware of the current happenings, famous places of your home town, banking awareness, and basic knowledge of your graduation field. If possible then try to read that day's newspaper before going for the interview. Interviewers tend to ask questions from these areas. 

The candidates must be looking for the SBI PO Salary which can be checked here.



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  • To crack SBI PO Interview 2021-2022 show your skills and limitations in terms of how they might apply to the position you've applied for. If you excel in calculation work, for example, make sure to mention how this skill can benefit you in your career at the State Bank of India.

  • To prepare for SBI PO Interview 2021-2022, When interacting with the interview panel, don't be scared or apprehensive. Take your time to consider their questions and respond calmly and concisely.

  • In SBI PO 2021-2022 Interview round the candidates will be asked- to examine the candidate's personality qualities and determine whether or not he or she would be able to undertake the functions and obligations of the position, i.e., Probationary Officer.

  • SBI PO 2021-2022 Interview round:

    The optimal combination for male applicants is a light-colored shirt with a tie, preferred, well-ironed pants, and black or brown colour formal shoes.

    Female candidates have the option of wearing either western or Indian traditional attire.

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