Run-off is Measured in

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 5th, 2022

Run-off is measured in-

  1. Cubic metres 
  2. Cubic metres per second
  3. Metre square per minute
  4. Metre square per hour

Answer: B. Cubic metres per second

Run-off is measured in cubic metres per second.


When the rainfall intensity is more than the soil infiltration capacity, the excess water flows on the ground and reaches nearby rivers and streams. This excess amount of water is called runoff. Run-off is measured in Cubic metres per second.

Run-off in calculated by (Rational Method)

Q=CIA/ 360

where Q = Peak Runoff rate in metre cube per second

C = Runoff co-efficient

I = Rainfall intensity mm/hr

A = Area of Watershed

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