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Question 1

Which of the following material is used for making LEDs?

Question 2

The maximum speed variation in a synchronous motor is _________

Question 3

The magnetic field is represented by:

The value of K will be

Question 4

A centre-zero ammeter connected in the rotor circuit of a 6-pole, 50 Hz slip-ring induction motor makes 45 complete oscillations in one minute. In r.p.m., the rotor speed and the speed of stator field w.r.t. rotor are respectively.

Question 5

Thermal relay works on the principle of

Question 6

The function of shunt in an ammeter is to

Question 7

A particular ammeter requires a change of 2 A in its coil to produce a change in deflection of the pointer by 5mm. Calculate its sensitivity.

Question 8

If an induction type energy meter runs slow. It can be fast by:

Question 9

The total numbers of electrons flowing in the circuit, if a circuit carry 1A current

Question 10

The lighting system of almost all the earlier coaches and all the newly manufactured coaches has
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