RRB Group D Memory Based Question Paper 2023

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : April 28th, 2023

RRB Group D Memory Based Questions 2023 will be updated here after the exam is conducted. Last year, RRB Group D exam was held in various shifts in the months of August and September. The general difficulty level of the exam was moderate, according to feedback received from applicants. We also published a full RRB Group D Exam analysis of all shifts to help candidates know the good number of attempts and difficulty level of RRB Group D 2022 section by section. The RRB Group D memory-based question papers are provided below fro candidates to practice from.

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RRB Group D Memory-Based Questions

To help candidates prepare for the upcoming RRB Group D exam, we have compiled a set of memory-based questions. Referring to these RRB Group D memory-based questions will enhance the understanding of exam trends and the difficulty level.

Moreover, you can assess your level of exam preparation through RRB Group D memory-based question papers as well. Below are some memory-based questions from the RRB Group D examination for your reference.

RRB Group D Memory-Based Questions

Check out the RRB Group D memory-based questions for each subject below. These questions are quintessential to your preparation and solving them will definitely help you prepare efficiently.


  • Clock - Angle based - Angle made between the hands of a clock at 4:20.
  • Calendar - Date was given, the day was asked.
  • Coding Decoding - 3 to 4 ques, reverse letter based.
  • Ranking - 2 ques
  • Puzzle - 1 ques, Games were played by 7 people on 7 different days of a week.
  • Inequality - 2 ques
  • Direction - 2 ques from the same paragraph. O is 150km east of L. N is 200 km south of O and so on…L is in which direction with respect to N?
  • Number Series - 2 ques, addition based

General Science

  • Which chromosome is larger x or y in a female body?
    Ans: Both are the same.
  • One question was related to WBC. A Diagram of WBC was given and the question was based on that.
  • Two questions were based on equation balancing.
  • When a ray is passed through a concave lens then which angle is formed?
  • One question on meiosis and mitosis?
  • How many chromosomes are there in humans? (Ans: 46)
  • 1 question related to Mendeleev’s periodic table - few statements were given out of which the incorrect one has to be found out.
  • 4 elements were given from which the one with the highest valency has to be chosen - Al, Na, F, ….

General Awareness

  • Which is the Khelo India games runner-up state? Ans: Maharashtra
  • Indira Gandhi devalued the price of the rupee in which year? Ans: 1966
  • In which year fundamental duties are added in the constitution? Ans: 1976
  • Virat Kohli played his 100th test match against which country? Ans: Sri Lanka
  • Ellora caves are situated in____ Ans: Aurangabad, in Maharashtra)
  • In which event did Neeraj Chopra win a gold medal in the Olympics?
    Ans: javelin throw - Tokyo Olympics
  • Who built the Jal Mandir? Ans. King Nandivardhan, Mahavira's elder brother


  • √(1 + sinA)/(1 -sinA) = ?
  • Triangle ABC and triangle DEF are similar to each other, 2AB = DE, if AB = 8 cm then DE = ?
  • The cost price of an article is 64% of its marked price, if 4% discount is given then find the profit/loss percent.
  • Find the area of the triangle having sides 5 cm, 7 cm and 10 cm.
  • The present age of the father is 3 times of his son’s age. After 10 years the ratio of age of son and father is 1:2. Find the present age of father.
  • What are the roots of equation 6 – 8x – 5x2 
  • If tan A =4, then (3sinA + 2cosA)/ (3sinA + 2cosA) = ?
  • Find the mean of the first ten natural numbers.

RRB Group D Memory Based Question Papers PDF

Download the RRB Group D Memory Based Questions Papers PDF in Hindi and English by clicking the link provided below. Candidates who will appear for the RRB Group D CBT exam in the upcoming shifts must go through these questions and revise before the exam as these RRB Group D memory-based questions will help you understand the types of questions that you can expect in their exam.

We hope through these RRB Group D momery-based question papers, you will be bale to prepare well. Stay tuned with BYJU'S Exam Prep for more study material.


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  • Candidates can download the compilation PDF of RRB Group D Memory-Based Question Papers from this post. The link to download RRB Group D Memeory-Based Questions in Hindi and English is given in this article.

  • RRB Group D memory-based questions are extremely useful for the candidates who have the RRB Group D CBT exam in the upcoming shifts as revising these questions before the exam will help you understand the types of questions that you can expect in their exam. Sometimes, questions are also repeated in the subsequent shifts too.

  • The difficulty level of the RRB Group D 2022 questions asked on 24 August 2022 was Moderate. If we compare section-wise, general awareness and general science questions were moderate in difficulty level whereas the reasoning and maths questions were easy to attempt.

  • RRB Group D analysis 2023 is yet to be released. However, candidates can check the links for the day-wise RRB Group D Exam Analysis from last year in this post. RRB Group D Exam Analysis provides details on the difficulty level of the paper, topics asked in the exam, pattern, good attempts, topic-wise weightage etc to the candidates.

  • A total of 100 questions are asked in the RRB Group D Computer Based Test (CBT) Exam. Out of which, maximum questions are asked from the reasoning, i.e. 30 questions. General science accounts for 25 questions, and mathematics accounts for 25 questions. From general awareness, 20 questions are asked.

  • Candidates must solve the RRB Group D memory-based question paper properly in the stipulated time. They must complete the entire RRB Group D syllabus and solve as many questions as possible for maximum benefit. This will help them understand the exact exam pattern and know the important topics.

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