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RPSC 2018 Civil Engg Mini Mock Quiz 1

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Question 1

As per IS 456 – 2000, the maximum permissible shear stress, is based on

Question 2

The purpose of lateral ties in a short RC column is to

Question 3

A T-beam becomes identical to a rectangular beam with width equal to its flange width when the neutral axis is

Question 4

If a beam is likely to fail due to high bonding stresses, then its bond strength can be increased most economically by

Question 5

What is the moment at A for a frame as shown in figure below?

Each member indicated in dark lines has very large moment of inertia.

Question 6

Which one of the following sections in RCC structure is CORRECT for the critical section for shear?

Question 7

A member ABCD is subjected to a force system as shown in the figure

The  force in the part BC is

Question 8

A cubical element of a structural part made of mild steel is subjected to a tri-axial compressive stress as shown in the figure. The vertical compressive stress is . The Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s Ratio are E and respectively. What should be the uniform lateral pressure in terms of and so that strain is prevented in  direction ?

Question 9

Consider the following salient points in a stressstrain curve of a mild steel bar:
1) Yield point
2) Breaking point
3) Yield plateau
4) Proportionality limit
5) Ultimate point
The correct sequence in which they occur while testing the mild steel bar in tension from initial zero strain to failure is

Question 10

The material in which large deformation is possible before absolute failure by rupture takes place, is known as

Question 11

A stratum of soil consists of three layers of equal thickness. The permeability of both the top and the bottom layers is 10-4 cm/s; and that of the middle layer is 10-3 cm/s; then the value of the horizontal coefficient of permeability for the entire composite of the soil layer is

Question 12

A soil sample has shrinkage limit of 6%, and the specific gravity of the soil grains is 2.6. The porosity of soil at shrinkage limit is

Question 13

When a two-hinged parabolic arch is subjected to a rise in ambient temperature, the horizontal thrust at the support will

Question 14

With regard to Trigonometric Levelling, which one of the following statements is correct at its simplest applications?

Question 15

Regarding a Prismatic Compass, which one of the following statements is correct?
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