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RPSC 2018 Civil Engg Mini Mock Quiz 3

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Question 1

In double diamond bolting, for plate of width B and bolt diameter d the efficiency of the joint is approximately given by

Question 2

For connecting lacing flat to column section with M20 bolts, the minimum width of flat (in mm) should be

Question 3

Built up sections essentially required for a compression member is

Question 4

The collapse load for the cantilever, shown in figure, will be

Question 5

Which of the following represents steady flow

Question 6

Most economical circular section is designed for

Question 7

Which of the following is most important for the hydraulic jump to be formed?

Question 8

For an isotropic material, the relationship between Young’s Modulus(E), Shear Modulus(G), and Poisson’s ratio () is given by

Question 9

As per IS 456-2000; in the limit state design of a flexural member, the strain in reinforcing bar under tension at ultimate state should not be less than

Question 10

What is the capillary pressure in a fine grained soil with effective size of 0.004mm?

Question 11

A soil sample is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure, The Mohr circle for any point in the soil sample would be

Question 12

The plasticity characteristics of clays are due to

Question 13

What is a Mullion in a window shutter?

Question 14

A propped cantilever is subjected to a concentrated load of 16 kN at the centre of the span. The length of beam is 4 m. The flexural rigidity EI = 4 x 102 kNm2. The reactions at the fixed end and simply supported end are:

Question 15

A moment ‘K’ required to rotate near end of a prismatic beam through a unit angle without translation, the far end being freely supported is given by:
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