Reporting services is one of the cloud characteristics. True or False?

By meenakshi|Updated : August 25th, 2022

It is a false statement. Reporting services is not one of the cloud characteristics. Instead, cloud computing has other features that include broader network access that enables multi-platform (laptop, tablets, mobile) users to access the resources efficiently. It makes its users to access the cloud resources anywhere and provides access to users over one’s resources without knowing where it is stored.

Cloud Characteristics

The 5 essential characteristics of cloud computing are as under-  

  • Rapid Elasticity- The computing services have advanced IT resources. These resources can quickly scale out and in or as required by the user. 
  • Broad network access- Generally, the computing system is better than the heterogeneous devices and standard network access. 
  • On-demand self-service- In cloud computing, the users can easily monitor the resources and manage them whenever required. 
  • Measured service- To maintain the monitoring billing and effective use of the resources, cloud computing offers a measured service wherein the resource utilization is tracked for every occupant and application.
  • Resource pooling- In cloud computing, the service is provided to multiple users from a standard physical resource.

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  • No, reporting services are not a cloud characteristic. Reporting service is a reporting software that enables the creation of graphic, printed, or mobile reports, but cloud computing doesn’t allow it. 

  • Cloud computing has five essential characteristics: rapid elasticity, broad network access, on-demand self-service, measured service, and resource pooling.

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