Refractory Bricks Are Used For

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 21st, 2022

Refractory bricks are used for

  1. Retaining walls
  2. Column
  3. Piers
  4. Combustion chambers

Answer: D. Combustion chambers

Refractory bricks are used for combustion chambers.


Refractory bricks are that type of bricks that resists high temperature. It is used in the lining of the internal surface of boilers, chimneys, furnaces, etc. Refractory bricks are used for combustion chambers. Water absorption capacity of a refractory brick is 4 to 10 %. The compressive strength of refractory bricks is 3.5 N/mm2 to 48.26 N/mm2

Refractory bricks are classified into three types :-

  1. Acidic brick - Fire brick, silica brick
  2. Basic brick - Magnesia brick, bauxite brick 
  3. Neutral brick - High alumina brick, chrome brick

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