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Question 1

For the growth and development of a child, which one is the best method?

Question 2

Who stated that the child’s intellectual development happens in four distinct stages?

Question 3

What minimum amount of time of working per week is specified for teachers according to Right to Education Act, 2009?

Question 4

सुन्न का तत्सम रूप क्या है?

Question 5

आँख की किरकिरी होने का अर्थ है

Question 6

अकाल का पर्यायवाची है?

Question 7

Choose the correct option to complete the given sentence:

June is the ___________ month of the year.

Question 8

Complete the sentence with the correct determiner.
Our father is a man of ____ words.

Question 9

Complete the sentence with the correct determiner.
He appreciated even the _______ help we gave him.

Question 10

Find the HCF of 2.1, 1.05 and 1.26?

Question 11

A die is rolled, find the probability that an odd number is obtained.

Question 12

Directions: What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following number series?
Find the next term-
12 15 20 29 44 ?

Question 13

In which of the given compound oxidation number of oxygen is +2?

Question 14

Sound waves consist of 20 compressions and 20 rare in 10 meter length. The wavelength of wave is

Question 15

If  and  be respectively the absolute refractive index of water and glass, then the refractive index of glass relative to water is
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