RBI Grade B Notification 2021 Expected Soon! 7 Reasons to start your Exam Preparation Now!

By Sheetal Goyal|Updated : February 11th, 2021

RBI Grade B Officer Notification 2021 to be Out Soon: RBI Grade B Officer is one of the most Coveted Jobs across the nation. There is no denying to the fact that along with the High salary packages it offers, job security, designation, and many other benefits and this is the reason why lakhs of aspirants apply for this post but unfortunately only a few prominent get the chance to work with the Reserve Bank of India.

RBI is expected to announce vacancies for the post of Grade B officer very soon. We advise all the aspirants not to wait for the official news if their aim is to clear the RBI Grade B exam this year. Only a couple of months are given to prepare for the exam once the notification is out and As the exam approaches, you start doubting your painstaking preparation and you start feeling like you are forgetting everything important you have learned so far for the Exam. Even the simple concepts start wreaking havoc and you start scratching up your mind. 

Today we are sharing a few reasons to start your preparation for RBI Grade B without waiting for the notification. Check these reasons and know-how gradeup can help you with the same.

The Reserve bank of India is the controller of all the banks. Working with this reputed organization is what aspirants dream of. Apart from the attractive salary packages, there are various other reasons that make a person work even harder to start their career with RBI. Lets us discuss few important reasons why you should start preparing for RBI Grade B officer now.

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7 Important Reasons to Start your RBI Grade B Officer Exam Preparation!

1. A Revered Profile

RBI Grade B officer is the best entry-level post job in the country. RBI is known as the banker of the banks but also an architect of India's economy and working with which is a sign of respect and dignity in the society. It provides numerous benefits to provide satisfaction to the employees.

2. Great Salary & Perks

The monthly gross salary for RBI Grade B Officers is more than Rs. 75,000/-(without accommodation in the metropolitan cities). RBI Grade B Salary can vary from place to place depending on the location. Do we need to describe more?

RBI Grade B officers are given a large number of perks like, Leave Fare Concession, Concessional interest rates for Car/ House/ Education, etc loans, Newspaper, Book grant, Transport charges, Interest-free festival advances, Medical Facilities, Residence Furnishing allowance, etc to name a few!

3. Fierce Competition

Lakhs of aspirants are fighting to reserve a seat for themselves. From commerce graduates to UPSC Aspirants, MBA students, Students from IIT/IIM and even Ph.D. holders are competing to gain a position in RBI as a Grade B officer.

Do not get discouraged with this tough competition. There are students from the non-commerce background, who are new to the banking sector are also clearing the RBI Garde B exam. It just requires a correct approach and the right path to walk on. Also, there are certain conditions to be eligible for this post.

4. Terrific Growth Opportunities

No doubt, RBI provides great and timely career progression than any other banking sector. A person who joins as a Garde B officer will get a tremendous chance to reach the post of Deputy governor after subsequent promotions.

                   Did you know, ‘Anand Sinha’ who served as the Deputy Governor of RBI in 2013-14 had joined the organization as a Grade B Officer!

B.P. Kanungo, who was appointed as a Deputy Governor of RBI last year is a non-commerce graduate and joined the organization as RBI
Grade B Officer!

It also provides you with the benefit of getting yourself acquainted with various international organizations such as IMF, World Bank, etc.

5. Vast Syllabus

When we dream of something big, we are sure that there will be so many hurdles in our path that are needed to be crossed by taking right and baby steps. Same way, the syllabus is that one hurdle that can make you stuck in between your preparation. Syllabus for RBI Grade B is very vast that it may take months to excel in each subject. If you have firm determination to clear this exam, then the time is right to start your preparation.

If you are very serious to take RBI Grade B Exam, you need to start your exam preparation from this very moment!

6. Preparation takes Time!

Preparing for RBI grade B is not just a matter of 2-3 months. It takes consistency in your preparation, patience, practice, and perseverance. As there is generally fewer vacancies for RBI Grade B officer's post, the competition is so high that it may break your bone.

To fight the competition, it is necessary to keep yourself ahead of everyone. Why wait for the notification to be out when your ultimate target is to clear RBI grade B. Put your heart and soul to its preparation to enjoy the best results. Start your preparation from today only.

7. A Complete Package

When compared to other bank exams the benefits offered by RBI in terms of perks, responsibilities, growth opportunities are more. Preparation requirements attached to the RBI Grade B profile makes it distinct from any other banking job. Working as a professional with RBI provides you with many opportunities for self-development and to learn about the economy.

Many students aim to clear this examination but only a few prominent get the chance to serve it. If you are one of those prominent do not let your confidence and dreams down. Make it happen in RBI this time.

So students, when you know what it takes to clear the RBI Grade B exam, and what will you get after clearing it why not start preparing for it. Gradeup is always with you in your journey to reach the destined place.

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Tanaykumar Das
Don’t end up buying, and trying to finish every book that has been told to you for the exam by anyone you came across. One or two standard books per subject are enough.
Go For Das Sir Online Mentorship Program
Upasana Sharma
Graduation 55% post graduation 62%
Can i apply???
Subash Kisan

Subash KisanApr 16, 2020

For those who are working how can attend class between 10 to 7

sagar May 6, 2020

For the Economic times Analysis must watch this
Guys must watch the financial news Analysis of today's The economic times...must watch video The Economic times Analysis 6 may 2020
The Economic times Analysis 6 may 2020
Nitin Kamble

Nitin KambleJan 20, 2021

Sir any news regarding RBI assistant 2021??
Venkata Krishna Reddy
Sir we are also waiting for lic aao
Neha Gupta

Neha GuptaJan 22, 2021

It should be 60% in all graduation..+2...matric..for rbi grade b general????
Naina Shah

Naina ShahFeb 1, 2021

I m host of this channel here i post study notes.
monika singh

monika singhFeb 13, 2021

I m from Sc category nd I have 55% in graduation. Can I apply??
M. N. S.

M. N. S.Apr 8, 2021

I'm in last year of b.com .can I apply??

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