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Reasoning MCQ On Syllogism- 31.01.2023

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Question 1

A travels 10km towards East, then he takes left turn and travels 3km. He then takes right turn and travels 5km, he again takes right turn and travels 8km and finally takes right turn one more time and travels 3km. How far is he from his starting point and in which direction?

Question 2

A man walks 30 km towards South and turns left and walks 50 km. Then he walks 10 km North before he takes a left to walk 50 km. How far is he from the original place?

Question 3

From a point D, Sarita walked 50 metres to the north, then after turning to right walked 50 metres. She again turned right and walked another 70 metres and finally turned to right and walked 50 metres. In which direction and at what distance is she from the starting point D?

Question 4

Juhi walked 40m towards north to reach a coffee shop. She met with Pankaj at Coffee shop. From there, Pankaj moved 100 in west direction and Juhi took right turn and walked 60m. Now Pankaj took left turn and walked 40m and Juhi took right turn and walked 40m. Now the distance between Juhi and Pankaj is?

Question 5

Mani starts from college and walks 3 kms towards East, turns right and walks 2 kms, turns right again and walks. What is the direction he is now facing?
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