RBI Grade B Mains 2022 Study Plan & Preparation Strategy for Last 20 Days

By Amrit Gouda|Updated : June 6th, 2022

As RBI Grade B 2022 Mains exam is scheduled to be conducted on 25th June 2022, we hope you have almost completed your preparation as of now. The last 20 days plan will include the day-wise study plan, the last 20 days' preparation strategy for RBI Grade B Mains, and some tips.

To help you overcome this situation, we have prepared the RBI Grade B Preparation strategy for Mains & RBI Grade B study plan for mains to enable you to strategize your exam preparation and score better marks in the RBI Grade B 2022 exam hassle-free.

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Last 20 Days Strategy for RBI Grade B Mains

Let's discuss the important points to keep in mind in the last 20 days of your RBI Grade B Mains 2022 preparation. We will discuss the complete exam pattern, RBI Grade B study plan for mains, RBI Grade B preparation strategy for mains, section-wise tips, and some important expert tips,

1. Understand the Exam Pattern Completely

Kindly go through the exam pattern below-

RBI Grade B Mains Exam Pattern:

Name of PaperType of the PaperNumber of QuestionsTime DurationMaximum Marks
Paper–I Economic & Social Issues50% objective type 
50% Descriptive type and the answers will need to be typed with the help of a keyboard
30 Objective Questions & 6 Descriptive Questions of which 4 have to be answered30 minutes
90 minutes
Total: 120 minutes
Total: 100
Paper-II: English – Writing SkillsDescriptive Typing and the answers will need to be typed with the help of a keyboard3 (Descriptive)90 minutes100
Paper -III Finance and Management50% objective type
50% Descriptive type and the answers will need to be typed with the help of a keyboard
30 Objective Questions & 6 Descriptive Questions of which 4 have to be answered30 minutes
90 minutes
Total: 120 minutes
Total: 100
For a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern, you must go through the RBI Grade B Exam pattern.

2. Smart Approach -

You need to make an effective RBI Grade B study plan for mains for the last 20 days to revise efficiently. Do to start any new topic now. It will create an unnecessary burden on you. Just go through the topics you have completed as of now and revise important formulas, concepts, definitions, etc.

You can attempt mock tests in the BYJU'S Exam Prep RBI Grade B test series.

3. Time Management is Crucial

  • Time management is a vital factor in success. Attempt RBI Grade B question paper to understand the level and pattern of the exam.
  • You can inculcate this skill with constant practice and by attempting a lot of mock tests.
  • Analyze the mock test to figure out how much time you spent on each type of question.

4.  Plan your Mock test Attempt Strategy-

The most vital aspect of any preparation is to take online mock exams. This may be a game-changer for you with proper practice and analysis. To get the most out of the mock test, analyze it on the same day. Recognize and concentrate on your areas of weakness. Concentrate on crucial factors like percentile and accuracy, and make an effort to increase them.

5. Tips for English Descriptive:

  • The English Descriptive paper will be aimed to assess applicants' writing abilities, as well as their expression and comprehension of the topic.
  • You will be asked to write an essay, a Precis writing. Also, there will be a reading comprehension and a few questions based on that.
  • Take a few minutes to think about the topic and prepare a list of bullet points that you will jot down and then expand on later. This could be the most efficient way to deal with this section.
  • Usage of complex vocabulary is to be avoided. The essay should be simple, specific, and easy to understand with a proper flow of words and sentences.
  • The essay comprises three parts including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Please keep this in mind.

6. Tips for FM and ESI Section:

Finance & Management:

  • Leadership, communication, Human Resource Development, Motivation, Morale, and Incentives are all must-do chapters of Management.
  • Make sure you understand the topics well. Make a list of the keywords, definitions, and concepts to help you revise just before the exam.
  • Have a thorough understanding of major finance-related topics like Inflation, financial inclusion, corporate governance, monetary policy, major banking and Regulatory bodies, major financial institutions, etc.
  • Visit the RBI website regularly to read all of the latest news.

Economics & Social Issue:

  • Cover these basic chapters like Measurement of Growth – Various Indicators like GDP, GNP, NNP, National Income, globalization, and social structures in India
  • Read about international Organizations like IMF, World Bank, WTO
  • Go through the Budget & Economic Survey of India and NCERT books for the fundamental concepts.

Last 20 days Revision Plan for RBI Grade B Mains Exam

Let's go over the RBI Grade B study plan for mains and revision techniques for the upcoming RBI Grade B Mains 2022 exam for the last 20 days. Before moving forward, you must know the RBI Grade B Syllabus to not miss any single chapter.


Topics to be covered

Day 1-

Day 5

  • Revise basic and important concepts of finance and economics          

  • Practice English descriptive and essay writing regularly.

Day 6-

Day 10

  • Go through the basic concepts of Management like Leadership, HRD, Motivation, Morale & incentives
  • Attempt 1 full-length mock test regularly 

Day 11-

Day 15

  • Go through the basic definitions, concepts, and formulas of finance
  • Practice questions from any standard book
  • Practice English descriptive and essay writing regularly.
Last 4-5 days

This is all about RBI Grade B Mains 2022 study plan, tips & Revision Strategy for the last 20 days. We hope you find the study plan and preparation tips useful and you will be able to use them to take out maximum benefits.

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  • You can make a study plan by observing the last year's question paper and cut off. Make an effective study plan keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Our experts have prepared the best RBI Grade B Mains study plan for 2022 by focusing on the important subjects and chapters in mind. You can find the study plan here.

  • First, go through the RBI Grade B previous year question paper, cut off and analyze the exam level and question pattern. Then keeping in mind your level of preparation make a study plan and preparation strategy to revise properly.

  • As Descriptive English writing has a significant weightage in the RBI Grade B Mains 2022, you should prepare seriously for that. Keep your essay simple, clear, and to the point. Stick to the required word limit and avoid difficult words.

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