Tips and Tricks for RBI Assistant Prelims Exam 2022: Check Important Preparation Strategies

By Amrit Gouda|Updated : March 19th, 2022

Aspiring candidates should know tips and tricks for the RBI Assistant Prelims exam 2022 as the official notification is soon expected. Here we have come up with a comprehensive preparation strategy that includes tips and strategies for important chapters along with study notes and experts tips to crack the RBI Assistant Prelims exam 2022.

Let's go through the  RBI Assistant 2022 exam preparation strategy along with expert tips. Kindly go through the complete article to have a full-proof plan on how to start preparing for the RBI Assistant Prelims 2022 Exam along with the required expert tips and tricks to crack the cut-off.

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RBI Assistant Exam Pattern 2022

Before going forward with the preparation tips and strategies, aspiring candidates should go through the expected exam pattern of RBI Assistant Prelims 2022 as per last year's exam pattern.

Name of Subject

No. of Questions

Maximum Marks


English Language303020 minutes 
Numerical Ability3535 20 minutes 
Reasoning Ability3535 20 minutes 
Total10010060 minutes 

You can practice the most expected questions in the RBI Assistant Test series of BYJU'S Exam Prep's Bank Test series.

English Language Tips for RBI Assistant Prelims

This section will comprise 30 questions with a total of 30 marks. Here we are sharing the chapter-wise tips on how to handle the English section. Go through the RBI Assistant syllabus to know the important chapters.

Reading Comprehension-

  • A good hold over Reading Comprehension is a must because 1 set of RC will be asked in the exam. Attempt this topic first if you come across a story-based RC.
  • In order to save time, first, try to go through the question and then through the passage. It will help you mark out the answer easily.
  • As far as the Synonyms / Antonyms questions are concerned, go through the sentence containing the concerned word first and then through the options provided.
  • Try to attempt the Vocabulary questions (Synonyms / Antonyms) first, if asked

Cloze Test-

  • This is another important topic for RBI Assistant Prelims.
  • Read the sentence first and then try to find the correct option by substituting the given options in the sentence. You should be able to eliminate incorrect options with the help of this approach.
  • If you feel stuck at some question then move on to the next one. Try and answer it and then go back to the previous question since all the sentences are logically connected.

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Spotting Errors/Sentence Improvement-

  • Questions from this topic have been consistently asked in the IBPS exams.
  • Go through the RBI Assistant Question Paper to know the pattern and types of questions asked in the last year's RBI Assistant Prelims exam.
  • While attempting these questions, go through the entire sentence first.
  • Lookup for grammatical errors, in case the structure of the sentence seems fine to you.
  • Try to eliminate the options by going through the sentence properly.

Para Jumbles-

  • You may across questions from this topic as well so it’s better to be prepared.
  • While attempting this topic, first go through all the lines and try to understand the gist of the passage.
  • Try to look up the independent sentence which mostly forms the first sentence.
  • Find out the connecting sentences and try to arrange them accordingly.

English Language Notes for RBI Assistant Prelims




Reading Comprehension


Cloze Test


Para Jumbles


Fill in the blanks


Error Spotting


Sentence Correction


Shape up your vocabulary


Subject-verb agreement


Idioms & Phrases


Grammar Scholar

Numerical Ability Tips for RBI Assistant Prelims

35 Questions will be asked from this topic with a total of 35 marks. Let's go through the RBI Assistant cut-off to know the level of competition before starting the preparation for the RBI Assistant Prelims 2022 exam.

Data Interpretation-

  • This is a very important topic for Prelims. You can expect 1-2 sets of DI in the exams. The majority of the questions asked in this topic are based on the following arithmetic - Ratios, Averages, Percentages.
  • If the basis of these topics is clear, attempting DI in the SBI Assistant exam becomes comparatively easy.
  • Practice thoroughly so that you don’t have to spend too much time on calculations.

Number Series-

  • This is another important topic for the prelims phase. You can expect 5 questions on this topic.
  • Identifying patterns solely depends on how quickly you can categorize the series. This needs practice and after a while solving a series of questions becomes instinctive. Try to identify how the series grows, this should help you categorize your series.
  • If you fail to categorize a series into some category consider finding the special series in them. We have mentioned Prime and Fibonacci numbers. There can be other types of numbers like Armstrong numbers etc.
  • Do not give much time to series, If you are not able to establish a relation between terms in a minute, it’s better to leave the question as a new kind of series can consume a lot of time that can be used elsewhere.


  • This is a major topic that has been asked in the prelims phase of various exams conducted by IBPS, so prepare this topic well.
  • Whenever an expression with multiple arithmetic operations is given, follow the BODMAS principle for calculating the final result.
  • Rather than calculating the exact value in terms of decimals, calculate the approximate values and then perform the operations.

Miscellaneous -

  • This consists of questions from the following topics - Age, Mixture Allegation, Partnership, Pipes and Cisterns, Profit Loss, Average, Boats & Stream, Compound/Simple Interest, Time & Work, Probability, etc.
  • Questions from the miscellaneous category are usually time-consuming and it is advised to attempt them once you are done with the remaining topics of this section.

Quantitative Aptitude Notes for RBI Assistant Prelims




Simplification & Approximation


Calculation Short Tricks


D.I Basics


Number series


Quadratic Equation


Simple Interest


Compound Interest


Mixture & Alligation






Pipes & Cisterns


Age-based problems


Profit, Loss & Discount


Ratio & Proportion


Time, Speed & Distance


Time & Work



Reasoning Ability Tips for RBI Assistant Prelims

This section comprises 35 questions with a total of 35 marks. Let's discuss the tips for the important chapters of the Reasoning section. Before moving forward go through the RBI Assistant Selection process to start your preparation the right way.


  • This is an important topic for the prelims phase of the SBI Assistant exam.
  • While solving these questions, remember that if a similar sign is present between the variables, the relationship can be established between them. For instance, A > B > C ≥ D  ≥ E, here relationship can be determined for all the given variables.
  • However, make sure that a similar sign does not break while drawing an answer from the conclusions provided. Take the above example, A > B > C ≥ D  ≥ E, Here A > D or A > E would be correct but A ≥ D or A ≥ E would be wrong because the sign > breaks the continuity and is replaced by ≥ in the given statement.
  • Whenever the signs between the variables change for a given statement, the relationship cannot be established unless a case of either/ or is given in the conclusion.
  • Look up the signs present among the various variables (in the same direction or different) and then establish the relationship between the non-connected variables.


  • You may come across questions from this topic as well.
  • Try to identify the pattern among the different alphabets of the word provided.
  • If possible, try to write down the sequence from A to Z on the rough sheet, this will help you look up the pattern easily.
  • In the case of coded sentences, look up the common words among various sentences, this will help you spot the codes easily.

Puzzles / Seating Arrangement-

  • Questions from this topic will be asked in the prelims.
  • Do not be intimidated by the size or the language of the question.
  • Read the entire question carefully. Every detail required to form the arrangement is mentioned in the question, you just need to observe properly and implement all the facts logically.
  • Remember, even when combined with puzzles, the approach of the question will still remain the same as that of the normal seating arrangement.
  • Consider all the possible scenarios which may be formed as per the given question. A lot of the possibilities will cancel out as you move forward with the question.


  • You may face syllogism questions as well in the SBI Assistant exam, so it would be better to have a proper understanding of this topic as well.
  • Try to use the Venn Diagram approach while attempting these questions.
  • Do not assume any facts on your own here, stick completely to the information given in the question, and proceed accordingly.

Reasoning Ability Notes for RBI Assistant Prelims






Reverse Syllogism




Order & ranking


Basics of Inequality


Blood Relations


Direction Sense




Data Sufficiency


Basics of Puzzles 


Ranks of Alphabets

RBI has been surprising the students in many of the exams. We advise you all not to panic if you come across any new questions. Remember, they present the question in a different way, but the basics of that topic still remain the same. Process the questions calmly and if you still cannot figure it out, move on to the next question.
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  • Be well versed with the basic concepts of important chapters, Attempt quizzes, and mock tests regularly. Work on your weak areas.

  • Go through the syllabus, exam pattern and previous year question paper first to grasp an initial idea before preparation. Make a study plan on your own and stick to it.

  • Syllogism, inequality, direction sense, blood relation, coding-decoding, and alphanumeric series are the important Reasoning chapters for RBI Assistant.

  • Follow any standard book for Grammar rules and basic concepts. For vocabulary and comprehension, read any standard newspaper article regularly and note down new words.

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