Rankine’s formula holds good for

By Mandeep Kumar|Updated : July 27th, 2022

1. Long column

2. Short column

3. Both long column and short column

4. Weak column

The formula proposed by Rankine for columns of all lengths is known as Rankine’s formula. The formula is 1/P = 1/PC +1/PE where Pis the crushing load, Pis the buckling load by Euler’s formula.

Answer: Rankine’s formula holds good for both long column and short column.

This formula covers all cases ranging from very short to very long struts. It is also known as Rankin Gordon Formula. For the short column, PE is very large and hence 1/PE is very small in comparison. In the case of a short column, the calculated load will be known as the crushing load. On the other hand, in the case of a long column, the load is called buckling or crippling load.

More about Empirical Formulae of Columns

Following are the key points related to the Empirical Formulae of Columns:

  • The Euler formula is reliable for designing axially loaded columns, provided the slenderness ratio is within the range.

  • This range is known as the slender range which ranges from 120-140.

  • The failure stress would be the compressive strength of the material at lower slenderness. This range is 0-40.


Rankine’s formula holds good for?

Rankine’s formula holds good for both long column and short column.

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