RPSC Police SI Exam Analysis 2021: Detailed subject-wise RPSC Analysis

ByAshutosh Yadav  |  Updated on: Sep 16, 2021RPSC SI Exam 2021: Check RPSC SI  Answer key PDF 2021, Prelims Result to be released soon. Check Dates, Syllabus, Preparation and more
RPSC SI Exam 2021: Check RPSC SI  Answer key PDF 2021, Prelims Result to be released soon. Check Dates, Syllabus, Preparation and more
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RPSC SI Exam Analysis 2021, Difficulty Level, Video Analysis

RPSC is being conducted the RPSC Sub Inspector exam 2021 from 13-15 September 2021. The Rajasthan SI exam 2021 was held in two sessions 10.00 am to 12.00 and 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. BYJU'S Exam Prep Exam experts have provided the detailed RPSC SI Paper analysis 2021 to provide useful insights about the difficulty level of the exam, subject-wise topic analysis, expected cutoff, and more. 

You can check RPSC SI Paper Analysis 2021 for all three days for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. 

The RPSC Police SI Exam 2021 consists of two papers, Paper 1 will be of General Hindi and Paper 2 is General Knowledge & General Science Paper. The exam experts will provide all the details in the paper analysis such as 

  • RPSC SI Exam difficulty level 
  • Subject-wise exam analysis of the Raj SI Exam 2021
  • Expected RPSC SI Cutoff 2021
  • Topics asked in the Rajasthan SI Exam 2021 both in Paper 1 and Paper 2
  • RPSC SI Question Paper 2021 
  • Raj SI Answer key 2021

RPSC SI Exam Analysis 2021- 14 September 2021

For 14 September 2021 RPSC SI Paper 1 Analysis 2021, the details about the difficulty level and the questions asked are updated here.

Paper Number

Subject name

Difficulty Level


General Hindi

 Easy to Moderate


General Knowledge & General Science



RPSC SI Exam Analysis- Questions Asked (14 September 2021)

Check the subject-wise RPSC SI exam analysis 2021 below. 

General Knowledge & General Science


  1. Iron ore which have magnetic properties?
  2. Iron Steel plant with British technological support
  3. Sea of Marmara is located?
  4. Birmingham is famous for?
  5. Som, Kamla and Amba irrigation project in which district?
  6. Cement sheets, tiles, filters are made of which mineral?
  7. Which of the pipeline transports gas only?
  8. Mukunda Hills is located in?
  9. Sonari Breed of sheep are found in which district?
  10. Lowest female literacy rate in Rajasthan.
  11. Hot desert regions are found mostly in the western part of continents between which latitudes?
  12. Which is the highest plateau in the world?
  13. Which of the following is not a tree of the coniferous forest?
  14. Which of the following landform is a mountain range?
  15. Which of the following states in India does not produce rubber?


  1. Evidence of ploughed field has been found in?
  2. The Mangarh Massacre took place in which year?
  3. The slogan “Back to the Vedas” was given by?
  4. Bani Thani style of painting is seen in?
  5. After exile from Marwar which post was given to Durga das in Mewar?
  6. Which leader of Rajasthan is known as “Loknayak”?
  7. Who is known as the father of Modern India?
  8. Which fort is called the armoured fort of Abul Fazal?
  9. Subhash Chandra Bose referred to Mahatma Gandhi as Rashtrapita on?
  10. Evidence of Fire Altars was found at?
  11. Who founded the city of Agra?
  12. The hurda conference called in 1734 AD was presided by?
  13. Who were Nayanars?


  1. Match the following: Constitution provisions Borrowed from?
  2. Dyarchy was formed by which act?
  3. Compulsory Service in Constitution grounds?
  4. Lok Sabha address his resignation to whom?
  5. The bicameral legislature in which states?
  6. The statement” I agree with your view that although our constitution contains provisions which give such power to the centre in which the independence of the provisions is abolished, yet it is a federal constitution” given by?
  7. Gram Sabha special meeting in Rajasthan Panchayati raj Rules 2011?
  8. The motion of Judge of Supreme Court is passed by?
  9. Appointment of State Chief Information Commissioner.
  10. Vishakha Guidelines.
  11. Comptroller and Auditor General term.
  12. No-Confidence Motion of Caretaker government in which Chief Minister’s term in Rajasthan?
  13. Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Service Act?
  14. Condition of Governor’s office.
  15. President of India tenders the resignation if Vice president’s post is vacant
  16. The main theme of 12th Five Year Plan
  17. Social Justice is a balance between


  1. Accounting covers:
    • Data collection system and reporting of information from that system
    • Transaction tracking 
    • Financial reporting
  1. As per the Rajasthan Sustainable Development Goals Index 1.0, which district scored the highest marks?
  2. Which of the following aggregate is called National Income?
  3. Which of the following is not an instrument of fiscal policy?
  4. Public wants which are satisfied on the basis of Consumer’s choices are termed as?
  5. Narasimham Committee is related to
  6. Not an indicator of Human Development Index
  7. The India Energy Outlook Report 2021 is released by?


  1. Why does a person climbing mountain bends forward?
  2. In the human body, Glucose is stored in the form of?
  3. It is the hardest substance in the human body?
  4. Tharparkar is the breed of which animal?
  5. Which of these is the smallest possible unit of data?
  6. Which one is a water-soluble vitamin?
  7. Which of the following vegetable is not a root?
  8. Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) of CSIR is located at?
  9. The unit of electrical resistance is?
  10. Which of the following chemical is released during allergic reactions?
  11. When was the Indian Space3 Research Organization (ISRO) established?
  12. The term Nanotechnology was first used by?
  13. The primary radioactive nuclides released in the Fukushima Daiichi (Japan) nuclear disaster, were?
  14. Tiangong is?


  1. Which of the following gases are the main contributors to acid rain?


Current Affairs

  1. Atmanirbhar Bharat relief package amount to GDP?
  2. Mukhyamantri Rajshree Yojana
  3. The ratio of Share in PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana
  4. PAHAL Scheme is related to which?
  5. Rajasthan Navjivan Yojana
  6. Who introduced the farm bill(2020) in the parliament?
  7. Who was the chairman of the committee which drafted National Education Policy 2020?
  8. Weightlifter Mirabai Chanu belongs to which state?
  9. Talcher Thermal Power Plant is located in which state?
  10. Who is the 24th Chief Election Commissioner of India?
  11. Mukhyamantri Corona Bal Kalyan yojna
  12. Chief Minister Chiranjivi health scheme started in?
  13. “Al-Aqsa” mosque is located in?
  14. What is the Traceability Provision in IT Rules 2020?
  15. The number of Medals won by India in Olympics 2020 is?
  16. The crater on the lunar surface whose images were sent by Chandra Ryan 2?
  17. What is “Coviself”

Rajasthan Specific

  1. When were Ganganagar Sugar mills started making sugar with Sugarbeets?
  2. Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute located at which location in Rajasthan?
  3. The headquarters of Marwar Regional Tribal Development Board is located at?
  4. Atpati Pagri is related to which school of painting in Rajasthan?
  5. The Festival of Kajli teej is celebrated on?

Statement questions

Statement: Many people, affected by the flood in the area, were assembled for food, water, and shelter in the relief camp.


  1. There is sufficient material in relief camps to provide food and water for flood-affected people.
  2. The people whose houses are completely drowned in water will be provided temporary shelter.
  3. There are many more flood-affected people who are unable to reach in the relief camp.

Expected Rajasthan SI Cut Off 2021

Candidates can check the expected RPSC SI cutoff here after the exam and detailed analysis. The expected cutoff will provide better insights into your standing in the competition. Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC) will release RPSC SI Cutoff 2021 after the RPSC SI Result.

Rajasthan Police SI 2021 Expected Cut Off Marks

Check आरपीएससी एसआई अपेक्षित कट ऑफ


Cutoff marks



RPSC SI Question Paper 2021 with Answer Key

Along with the paper analysis, you will be able to download the Rajasthan SI question Paper 2021 pdf for both Paper 1 and paper 2 after the exam. You can also download the unofficial RPSC SI Answer key 2021 along with the paper to calculate your score. 

RPSC SI PaperDownload PDF
RPSC SI 2021 13 September HindiClick Here 
RPSC SI 2021 13 September General StudiesClick Here 
RPSC SI 2021 14 September HindiClick Here 
RPSC SI 2021 14 September General Studies Click Here 
RPSC SI 2021 15 September Hindi Click Here
RPSC SI 2021 15 September General Studies Click Here

RPSC SI Exam Highlight 2021, Marking Scheme

Check the RPSC SI Paper Highlights below. 

  • The RPSC SI Exam will consist entirely of objective multiple-choice questions.
  • The written test will be multilingual, meaning it can be given in both Hindi and English.
  • The written test is divided into two parts: Paper I and Paper-II.
  • Each paper of the RPSC SI Exam lasts two hours.
  • There will be 100 questions on each paper.

RPSC Police SI Exam Pattern

Paper Number

Subject name

No. of questions

Time duration

Maximum marks


General Hindi


2 hr



General Knowledge & General Science


2 hr


RPSC SI Exam Analysis 2021- 13 September 2021

RPSC SI Paper 1 Analysis 2021 is the General Hindi paper analysis. We have examined the paper and the difficulty level was Easy to Moderate side. 

RPSC SI Paper 2 analysis is the review of GK & GS Paper. Check the difficulty level and questions asked in the RPSC SI exam 2021.

Paper Number

Subject name

Difficulty Level


General Hindi

 Easy to Moderate


General Knowledge & General Science




RPSC SI Exam Analysis- Questions Asked (13 September 2021)

Subject-Wise RPSC SI Questions Asked in the 13 September 2021 exam are as follows 

General Knowledge & General Science

Geography(State, India & World)

  1. Which Indian state is the largest producer of Jute?
  2. Match the Mineral resources of Rajasthan and their production
  3. Match the following National Parks to the State they are located in
  4. Which state of India produces maximum Gypsum?
  5. Arrange the railway zones with their headquarters
  6. Correctly matched pairs are




Jawar Mala

Khetri Singhana





Lead and Zinc

  1. Match the Mountains situated in
Name of MountainCountry
The Southern AlpsNew Zealand
  1. Which area comes under the semi-arid or steppe climatic region Rajasthan?
  2. The plateau situated in between Kumbhalgarh and Gogunda is
  3. Nagoya is an industrial region 
  4. Suez Canal connects
  5. Which of the following is the highest mountain peak of the European continent?

History & Culture

  1. Gindad Dance is performed in which district of Rajasthan?
  2. Who among the following built the Jain Temple of Dilware?
  3. Who is the Author of “Kanhad de Prabandh”?
  4. The main peeth of Dadu panth is located at?
  5. Who was the pioneer of the “Bijoliya Kisan Movement”?
  6. The term “Swaraj” was first used by?
  7. The number of villages awarded by Akbar for arrangements of the shrine of “Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti” was?
  8. “Tiwari Tax” was levied on?
  9. The original name of Nathwara was?
  10. The 84 pillared cenotaph is located at?
  11. Which of the following is a Jal Durg?
  12. Who built “Raniji ki Baori” in Bundi?
  13. Gandhi was not associated with which of the following?
  14. Which of the following instrument is not played by mouth?


  1. In the absence of the Speaker, who among the following may, in case of urgency, authenticate the bill on behalf of the Speaker in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly?
  2. Who among the following takes the oath of the office before the Governor of Rajasthan, prior to assuming the office?
  3. According to which Act, National Human Rights Commission was constituted?
  4. In which of the following states Article 356 has been imposed for the maximum number of times (till July 2021)?
  5. Under which Article of the Constitution of India, the Indian Parliament is constituted?
  6. Which Article of the Constitution of India mentions the composition of the Legislative Council in the state?
  7. Which of the following is not the characteristic of the Government of India Act, 1935?
  8. Which constitutional amendment restricted the size of the Council of Ministers to 15 percent of the total number of members of the Lok Sabha?
  9. Match the following articles with their respective provisions in DPSP:


  1. Which one is not the cause of inflation under cost-push factors?
  2. Which of the following schemes of the Central Government is not focused on Unorganised sector workers?
  3. Match the following externally aided projects of Rajasthan with their respective agencies
  4. Planning Commission of India was replaced by NITI Ayog on
  5. In return for his investment, a shareholder receives
  6. Money is given to the beneficiaries (Women on the birth of their first child) under the scheme Matru Vandana Yojana 
  7. In Rajasthan 'Jeevan Dhara Yojana' is related to
  8. As per the Economic Survey 2021-21, Read the following statements.
  9. As per the Human Development Report 2020, the gender development index for India is?
  10. Which one of the following is a qualitative tool of credit control'
  11. Which of the following is not a problem in the measurement cl National Income?
  12. Which of the following is not an objective of the Government Budget?
  13. Which of the following is not a cause of poverty? 
  14. High Court Article for Fundamental rights
  15. When was the drafting Committee of the constituent Assembly of India formed?

General Science

  1. The technique of DNA Fingerprinting was developed by
  2. Which fungus causes “Black Fungus” disease?
  3. First Spacecraft to carry a man on the Moon was?
  4. Who is called the Father of Nano-technology?
  5. The Department of Science and Technology was established in Rajasthan in the year of?
  6. Which one of the following is not used as a cryoprotectant?
  7. What does carcinoma refer to?
  8. How many Bits are there in a nibble?
  9. Which one of the following waves are utilized by Bats to identify in their flight path?
  10. Which of the following waves are used by the common TV remote control?
  11. India’s first satellite which was completely designed and fabricated in India is?
  12. Which allotrope of carbon is in the form of a rigid three-dimensional structure?

Current Affairs

  1. Which organization has published the “Youth and COVID-19 report?
  2. Rajasthan government has collaborated with which institute to implement a new approach to road safety?
  3. Who among the following traveled to space in Virgin Galactic?
  4. COVAXIN is made up of?
  5. How many Rajasthan Players were there in Tokyo Olympics?
  6. Which city stands at the top in the list of smart cities in Rajasthan?
  7. In MSME Ministry, MSME stands for?
  8. Which of the following has been added to the list of complications in the Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance Scheme?
  9. Which country chairs BRICS 2021?
  10. Who won the French Open SIngles Men?
  11. The first Indian fencer to participate in the Olympics is?
  12. Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to?
  13. Which of the following is an irrigation project in Dungarpur, Rajasthan?
  14. Which city of India is known as Cottonopolics?
  15. Which of the following is not an undertaking of the central government in Rajasthan?
  16. Which of the following has not been awarded Padma Vibhushan in the year 2021?
  17. The company, which is constructing the New Parliament Building of India?
  18. . In which city of the world Earth Summit 2002 organized?

Rajasthan State Specific

  1. The regional station of NBPGR in Rajasthan is located at?
  2. National Research Centre on Seed Spices in Rajasthan is located at?
  3. The state tree of Rajasthan is?
  4. Border Area Programme (Bap) is in 16 blocks of which four border districts of Rajasthan?
  5. Who among the following has been the Secretary and Chairman of Rajasthan Public Service Commission, both?
  6. Who among the following Judges of the Rajasthan High Court has not been the Chief Justice of the High Court of other states?
  7. Barkatullah Khan was appointed after the resignation of which of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan following Chief Minister?
  8. Who among the following has not Rajasthan State Human Rights been the Commission?

Statement-Argument Questions

  1. The question given below consists of a statement followed by three arguments numbered I, II, and III You have to decide which of the arguments is/are strong arguments and which is/are weak arguments and accordingly choose your answer from the alternatives after the question.

Statement: Should there be a common syllabus for all the subjects in graduate courses in all the Universities across the country?


  1. Yes, this is the only way to bring uniformity in the education system in the country?
  2. Yes, it will help standardize the quality of graduation certificates being given by different Universities in the country.
  3. No, each university should have the autonomy to decide its syllabus based on its specific requirement of itself. 
  1. Assuming the statement “Every Library has booked” to be true. From the following statements, which one is certainly correct?
  2. Consider the following arguments:
  • In order to be a RAS one must graduate from college.
  • All Professors are poor.
  • Some mathematicians are professors
  • No college graduate is poor.
  1. Read the following statements about Pandit Rajan Mishra:
    • He was a classical vocalist of the Khayal style.
    • He was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2007.

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