Memory Based Questions Asked in SSC Stenographer 2020, All Shifts, All Days

By Neha Uppal|Updated : December 24th, 2020

Memory Based Questions Asked in SSC Stenographer 2020: Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has successfully conducted the second day of SSC Stenographer 2019-20 Examination and we are here with all the questions asked in the 2 shifts today. The SSC Stenographer exam is conducted from December 22, 2020, to December 24, 2020, in 2 shifts daily. The first shift was conducted from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM while the 2nd shift was conducted from 3:00 Pm to 5:00 PM, respectively. Also, there were a total of 200 questions in each shift, the difficulty level for both the shifts were in the range of Moderate to Difficult. However, the English section was Easy for both the shifts and as expected Reasoning section was conceptual and time-consuming. Most of the questions from reasoning section stood from Verbal Reasoning topic. Read this article till the end to get a complete knowledge of all the questions asked in the 2 shifts conducted today.

Questions Asked in SSC Stenographer 22-24 December 2020 (All Shifts): General Awareness

Here are some General Awareness questions as per the candidates who appeared in the SSC Stenographer Exam:

For General Awareness (22 December 2020)

  • When did the battle of Khanwa was fought?
  • The first battle of Panipat was fought between Ibrahim lodhi and ____.
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Tributary of Koyna River
  • Questions based on schedule, folk dance and festivals were asked.
  • constitution day is celebrated on?
  • Strongest muscle of body
  • Lodi and ____.
  • Who is the current NSA of India?
  • When was prarthana samaj established?
  • Schedule 10 of indian constitution related to_____.
  • when constitution day is celebrated?
  • koyna river is tributary of which river?Krishna River
  • which mountain till now no one fully submitted?Gangkhar Puensum
  • Who is the lieutenant governor of chandigarh?
  • Who won sportsperson of the year 2020 Laureus World Sports Awards?
  • Indian spinner once bowled record 21 maiden overs in a row in which year?
  • Who is the present NSA of india?
  • Who won the Nobel prize in chemistry in 2019?
  • Persion name of mahabharat
  • Hardest tissue in human body
  • Micromineral need in human body?
  • FIH, hockey award won by?
  • 1 award related to won by sachin?
  • Author of book, by mishell obama
  • Purpose of WTO?
  • Patiala dynasty formed by?
  • Vats is capital of?
  • Hot water/cold water freezes fast theory based on...?
  • Nobel award for chemistry?
  • Which is the Schedule for states and union territories?
  • Schedule for ST, SC and OBC?
  • Tungabhadra and Bheema are tributaries of which river?
  • Which Gas found in soft drinks?
  • Which Award was given to Abhinandan?

For General Awareness (23 December 2020)

  • Article 59 is related to ?
  • Bihu dance belong to which state?
  • Article 280 is related to?
  • Whichof the following place is not related to Buddha?
  • Citizenship is given in which part of the constitution?
  • Schedules related questions were asked
  • ​Priyadassi devnama title was given to which of the ruler?
  • Black Pagoda is the name for which temple?
  • Bhudan movement is associated with?
  • What are the number of stitches in baseball?
  • World Toilet day is celebrated on ______.
  • Who is known as the father of modern nursing?
  • Bhoodan movement was initiated by whom?
  • What was the capital of Avanti?
  • Which state has topped in the sustainable development index?
  • M S. Dhoni was awarded the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel with the Indian Territorial Army in which year? 2011
  • Provision of language is in which part?
  • Baby lion is known as?
  • Diamond is the allotrope of ? carbon
  • JK Rowling books were listed and we need to pick out the odd one.
  • Right to life is given in which fundamental right?
  • United bank of india merged with which bank?
  • Which temple is located on Mount Abu?
  • Who wrote ashtadhyayi?
  • Which tribe of Himachal pradesh?
  • Krishna leela is depicted in which of the folk dance?
  • Which river originated from Multai province of Madhya Pradesh?
  • What is the rank of India in Global world innovation index?
  • During Fermentation yeast releases which of the gases? Carbon dioxide
  • Which instrument used in lab as heat capacity or capacitor?
  • Which PM served more than one tenure?
  • National institute of virology is located in?
  • Akbar's mausoleum is located at?
  • How many celsius  in 68 degree fahrenheit?
  • Which president died in office?
  • Which prehistoric site was founded during 1957-58?
  • 1907 Congress session held in which city?
  • Towards freedom is the autobiography of ?
  •  Best cinematography in oscar was given to which of the movies?
  • Sudarshan lake is situated in which of the state?
  • who published the first newspaper of India?
  • Shatrugan sinha's written book?
  • Article 21 is related to?
  • Who has climbed Himalayas 19 times?
  • Book related to Arundhati Roy? 
  • Arunachal Pradesh tribe celebrate which festival?
  • Capital of Myanmar.
  • who was the head of first finance commission?

Questions Asked in SSC Stenographer 22-24 December 2020 (All Shifts): English Language

We have collated some questions from English Language as shared by the candidates who attempted the SSC Stenographer Exam:

  • Synonym - Hapless
  • Idiom-Spilt Milk 
  • Antonym- ignorance
  • Synonym- Freedom
  • Synonym-Erroneous
  • Synonym- Eminent
  • Synonym- Opulent
  • Antonym- impede
  • Error spotting - The question text had ‘did + V2’ in it.
  • we use the base form of the verb after ‘did’.
  • Error spotting - on ‘no sooner-than’
  • Reading comprehension: How can we preserve the food? Different methods
  • Reading Comprehension- A story about a guy who himself wasn’t rich but gave his jacket to another poor guy.
  • Syno - Enthusiasm
  • Anto - Dejected
  • Idiom - Mouthwatering
  • Idiom - bug into
  • Fill in the blanks - (mainly grammar-based)- prepositions, phrasal verbs, etc
  • Sentence improvement - The question text had ‘scarcely than’ in it.
  • The correct pair is - scarcely when
  • Sentence improvement - based on question tag.
  • Sentence improvement - tense based
  • Narration - both “direct to indirect” and “indirect to direct” were there. (The reported speech had interrogative, simple, imperative sentences)
  • Voice - 2 sentences had “Let” construction (imperative).
  • Anto - Discreet
  • Anto - Horrendous
  • Syno - Accustomed
  • Idiom - to break a leg
  • Spotting Error: - Conjunction based error from “no sooner…..than”.
  • Spotting Error: - Conjunction based error from “hardly…..when”.
  • Spotting Error: - Tense related error and “had been” should be converted to “has been”.
  • Spotting Error: - “shall because…………..” -- sentence was given like that and we need to remove “because” from it.
  • Reading Comprehension was based on “telephone booths in Britain”.
  • Reading Comprehension was based on “Bird - Black Drongo”.
  • Cloze Test was based on a story.
  • Idiom:- On cloud nine
  • Idiom: - Bending over backwards
  • Idiom: - Cool one’s heel
  • Synonyms: - Suspicious
  • Synonyms: - Obscene
  • Antonym: - Whirl
  • Antonym: - Inimical
  • Fill in the blanks was based on tense, needs to be filled with “were”.
  • Syno/ anto = aggravate
  • Syno/ anto= Shudder
  • voice= passive to active (tense based)
  • Synonym= glorious
  • Syn/Anto = Douglas
  • Fill in the blanks= These, this related
  • Idiom= Achilles Heels
  • Synonym = industrious
  • Idioms- Go to the dogs
  • Syno/ anto= Thwart
  • Antonym= uncouth
  • Synonym= Denounce
  • Error related to “No sooner...than”
  • Fill in the blanks= negative sentence was given, fill with “some”/ “any” and related
  • Reading Comprehension was based on a story of a person's relationship with a dog.
  • Error/ improvement related to conditional sentences.
  • Error: The higher it….., the lighter ie….. (lightest was given in sentence).
  • Error: Furniture were…… (should be was)
  • Error related to “Unless + not”

Questions Asked in SSC Stenographer 22-24 December 2020 (All Shifts): Reasoning

Here is a list of questions asked in Reasoning section as shared by the candidates who appeared in the SSC Stenographer Examination:

  • Logical Venn Diagram - Wheat, Grain, Asafoetida
  • 3 to 4 questions from sitting arrangement
  • Mirror image question (based on letters and numbers)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning Question based on Dividing share between friends (Ratio was given).
  • Missing number Questions were Difficult one.
  • One Question from Clock - Angle based
  • Logical Venn diagram - Ant, Bee, Insects
  • Number series - 13, 28, 58, 118 , ?
  • Number Analogy - 169 : 15 :: 225 : ?

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Manisha Ruhela
Thanks @Parnab Mallick
Kafi help mili h is analysis s....24 ko Mera exam h.....thanks so much once again..😊😊
Pintu Kalal

Pintu KalalDec 22, 2020

Ssc stenographer exam date 22/12/2020 shift 2nd                   1) budget 2020-2021 for skill development money alloted : 3000₹ crore                     2)indias rank in happyness index :144                              3) utkal repredtnt whuch state in jan gan man : odisha    4) Tawlhlohpuan handicraft in releted in which state:          5) national consumers day :24 dec                                      6) symbol of einsteinium : ES                                             7) atomic number of einsteinium : 99                    8) in methan how many hydrogen atoms : 4                9) right to freedom of religion : article 25-28        10) dal bati churma related    to which state : rajasthan           GA section easy to moderate  good attempt 38-40
Pintu Kalal

Pintu KalalDec 22, 2020

English section
Passage  1) benefit of always smiling      2) Dolphin in Ganga brahmaputra river 3) indian culture.  total 3 passage each passage contains 5 marks total 15mark
Filling the blank 1) anger 10 questions   2) wastage of food in party hotel 10 Q
1) puzzled     2) mundane  3) submerge
1) established  2) vulnerable 3) speculate 4) voluntary 5) tiresome
1) in a tight corner
3-4 idoim there is no one word and spelling related question
Pintu Kalal

Pintu KalalDec 22, 2020

Good attempt for english 90
Pintu Kalal

Pintu KalalDec 22, 2020

Reasoning good attempt : 45
Pintu Kalal

Pintu KalalDec 22, 2020

Overall good attempt 165
Praveen Kumar
Dpsp belong to which part
neha shukla

neha shuklaDec 24, 2020

What is the number of total good attempts in today's exam
Rinku Chapariya
दीदी hindi option भी ङाल दिया करो plz plz plz

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