Questions Asked in today's SSC CPO Exam - 9 December 2019 (All Shifts)

By Rahul Chadha|Updated : December 9th, 2019

Questions Asked in Today's SSC CPO Exam (All Shifts). SSC has successfully conducted today's SSC CPO 2019 Exam for all shifts. The examination will continue to take place in different shifts until 13th December 2019.

To help you get the first-hand real feel of the SSC CPO paper, we have uploaded all the questions that were asked in SSC CPO exam. This post will be beneficial for all the candidates who are yet to appear for the exam in the days to come. You can expect similar questions in your examination so you can prepare accordingly.

Questions Asked in SSC CPO - 9 Dec Exam (All Shifts)

General Awareness

  • Which Portuguese explorer discovered a sea route to India in 1497-1498? Vasco da Gama
  • Which of the following laws is used to store Soda in the bottle? Henry's Law
  • Who has written the book “A Century is Not Enough: My Roller-coaster Ride to Success (2018)”? Sourav Ganguly
  • Who has become the first Indian female to be appointed to the ICC International Panel of Match Referees? GS Lakshmi
  • Which of the following is the outermost layer of the atmosphere? Exosphere
  • Which of the following is the correct definition of Biosphere?
  • What is the function of Endocrine Gland? Produces Sweat and Regulates Body temperature 
  • What is the junction of Small intestine and Large intestine called? CAECUM
  • Animal Husbandry comes under which of the following lists? State List
  • Which of the following Indian cities has been recently included as UNESCO world heritage site? Ahmedabad
  • Who became the Nawab of Bengal after the death of Alivardi Khan? Siraj ud-Daulah
  • Treaty of Sal Bai was signed in which year? The Treaty of Salbai was signed on 17 May 1782, by representatives of the Maratha Empire and the British East India Company after long negotiations to settle the outcome of the First Anglo-Maratha War
  • Which of the following relationship is applicable in case of normal goods? 
  • Which of the following commissions has been appointed by the GOI for center-State relation? Sarkaria Commission 
  • What is the name given to the phenomenon of display of light in the Northern hemisphere? Aurora Borealis
  • What is the covering of roots of the tooth called? Cementum 
  • Which of the following is known as Fool’s Gold? Iron Pyrite
  • To which of the following field does Abhijit Benarjee belong? Economics
  • When did King George V come to India? 1911
  • Who became the ruler of Mysore after the death of Tipu Sultan? Krishnaraja Wodeyar III
  • In which of the following years Jnanpith Award started? 1961
  • Fern is a type of which of the following Plants? Pteridophyte
  • The common name of Gymnosperms are? Concealed seed plants
  • How many tiers are present in Panchayati Raj? Three
  • To whom does the President submit his resignation to? Vice President
  • Ludhiana is situated on the bank of which river? Sutlej
  • What is the process of conversion of gas into a liquid called? Condensation
  • Who became the first woman IPS officer to scale the highest peak in North America? Aparna Kumar
  • What is the accidental coverage provided under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojana? 2 Lakh
  • Who calls for the joint sitting of the parliament? President
  • Who is regarded as the Father of Indian Unrest? Bal Gangadhar Tilak by Valentine Chirol
  • Who was the first Indian to be awarded the Knighthood award by the British crown? Rabindranath Tagore
  • Where is Hemis National Park located? Ladakh
  • Ibn-battuta came under the reign of which ruler? Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
  • What is the maximum income allowed under the EWS reservation? 8 Lakh
  • How does Solar eclipse occur?
  • When was the post of viceroy created in India? 1858
  • What is the minimum age required to apply for the Atal Pension Yojana? 18 Years
  • What was the infant mortality rate of India according to the 2011 census? 44
  • Which of the following personalities was not awarded the Bharat Ratna award? Pratibha Patil
  • Summer Olympics 2024 will be held at which of the following places? Paris   

English Language

  • Antonym of Infinity - Limited
  • Antonym of lament - celebrate/rejoice
  • Synonym of Extinct - Vanished
  • Synonym of intentional - Deliberate
  • Synonym of Tranquil- Calm
  • Synonym- Subsequent- Following or successive
  • Antonym-  Enraged- placate or calm
  • Antonym- Fascinating-repulsive
  • Incorrectly spelt word- Radius
  • Spelling error (incorrect or correct)- Neighbour
  • Spelling error -  laboratory
  • Spelling error -  Mischievous
  • One word substitution - Epitaph: a phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has died
  • One word substitution - Stoic: a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining
  • One word substitution - Pacifist: a person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable
  •  One word substitution - Antecedent: a thing that existed before or logically precedes another
  • Passage on “bird sanctuary”
  • Fill in the blanks - on prepositions and vocabulary
  • Cloze test was easy- the passage had 4 lines and the topic was “magic shop”
  • Idioms and Phrases - Take to heart: To take something seriously
  • Idioms and Phrases - Off and on: Intermittently
  • Idioms and Phrases - Open arms: warm welcome
  • Idioms and Phrases - To find a needle in a haystack? when something is extremely difficult (or impossible) to find
  • One question was on “question tag”
  • Synonym of capture - take into one’s possession or control by force; seize, catch
  • Synonym of Engulf - Sweep over something so as to surround or cover it completely; swallow up, envelop
  • Antonym of contagious- Non-communicable, non-infectious
  • Antonym of consume - Preserve, protect, save
  • One word substitution- one who cannot be believed - Incredible
  • One word substitution - One who can be deceived easily - Gullible
  • Idioms and phrases - Go Round in circle- to keep doing or talking about the same thing without achieving anything
  • Idioms and Phrases - go against a clock - Hurrying and doing things quickly before a particular time
  • Reading Comprehension - Passage was on “recycling of plastic”
  • Spelling of Decent
  • Spelling of Beneath 
  • Antonym of initiate - End, Culminate

Reasoning Ability

  • Ballet : Choreographer : : Cloth : ? Tailor
  • Chair : Furniture : : Riyal : ?  Currency
  • Logical Venn Diagram - Mother, Doctor, Female
  • Mirror image - Mix of letter and numbers
  • Arrangement of words -  5,2,1,4,3






  • (3,8,23) - Difference of +5, +15
  • Walls, roof, fan, floor - odd word out - Fan
  • Two sign interchange questions were asked
  • Mercury, Sun, Galaxy (Venn diagram)
  • Logical Venn diagram - Hour, day, week
  • Logical Venn diagram - Cow, Fox, Wild Animal
  • A man moves from a point in east direction and moves 20 km, then turn left and moves 15 km then again turn left and moves 10 km and finally turns in the south direction and move 15km. How far and in which direction is he from the starting point? 10 KM East

Quantitative Aptitude

  • If sec1070 + cos1070 = 2, then find sec θ + cos θ. 2
  • Rs. 40,000 amounts to Rs.44,100 in 2 years’ time when compounded annually. Find the rate of interest? 5%
  • In the given word PHOTOGRAPH, if “PH” is replaced by F then find the percentage change in the number of alphabets. 20%
  • 479xyz is a six-digit number such that it is completely divisible by 7, 11 and 13 then find the value of (y+z)/x. 4
  • In a right angle triangle ABC, A = 90°. The length of hypotenuse = 25 cm and a median is drawn from A then find the length of the median in cm? 12.5
  • If three successive discounts 10%, 5% and 4% are offered on an article such that its selling price is Rs.98,496. Then find the Marked price of the article? Rs 1,20,000
  • If 2x + 1/3x = 4 then 27x3 + 1/8x3 ? 189
  • byjusexamprep
  • If sin(2x + 50°) = cos (4x + 16°) then find the value of x? 4
  • If x4 + x2y2+ y4 = 21 and x2 +xy + y2 = 7 then find the value of 4xy? 8
  • For a cylinder, the ratio of Total Surface Area to Curved Surface Area is 3:1. If T.S.A = 1848 cm2 then find the volume of the cylinder. 4312
  • If A completes ⅔ part of a work in 6 days, C completes 1/4 part of the work in 3 days and B completes ⅓ part of the work in 2 days then find in how many days A and C together will complete ⅔ part of the work? 24/7
  • A man completes a distance of 240 km partly by train and partly by bus. If he travels 150 km by train then he takes total 3.5 hrs to complete the journey and if he travels 100 km by train then it takes him 11/3 hr to complete the whole journey. Then find the speed of the train. 75 km/h
  • If x2 - √7x + 1 = 0 then find the value of x3 + 1/x3. 4√7
  • In a triangle ABC, 'I' is the incentre of the triangle and the angle BIC = 108°, then find angle A. 36°
  • If 1/cosecθ-1+ 1/cosecθ +1 =2secθ then find the value of (tanθ +cosecθ)/secθ. (1+√2)/ √2

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Mayank Dixit

Mayank DixitDec 10, 2019

Train or bus wala sir solve kr dijiyee.. kya bina equations k bhi solve ho skta hai? @Rahul Chadha 

RajwantDec 10, 2019

Hectometre was in place of Meter

RishavDec 10, 2019

Ek pdf upload kia tha que ka hindi english with solution woh hai ksi ke pass??
Mohit Bhatt

Mohit BhattDec 11, 2019

NYC.. but how you know about this whole question paper..
BCz no soft copy and hard copy we have received after examination.  @Rahul Chadha  @TestSeries by Gradeup
Shubham Negi

Shubham NegiDec 11, 2019

135 attempt 9Dec(2nd shift) with 92-95% accuracy..I am in race or out?

AadeshDec 11, 2019

Nice shubham negi ji
Mohindra Subhoj
UNESCO World Heritage site is Jaipur Rajasthan recent
Krishna Naruka
Hindi medium
Shivang Tyagi
9th dec.. After norml kine marks inc ho skte h max?

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