Questions Asked in SSC CHSL Exam 17th March 2020 (All Shifts), Download PDF

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Download PDF of Questions Asked in SSC CHSL Exam 17th March 2020 (All Shifts). Today is the first day of the SSC CHSL Tier I Exam 2019-20 and it was successfully conducted by the SSC. After providing the exam analysis for all the shifts in detail, we are back with questions from all the shifts. Students who are going to appear in future shifts can take reference from these questions. 

LatestSSC CHSL Exam Analysis 12th October 2020 (Shift 1)

Below you can check the questions asked in general awareness, English, Reasoning, and Maths of SSC CHSL Tier 1 exam.

For those of you who missed our blog post on detailed SSC CHSL exam 2019-20 exam analysis, we are providing you with the links to the post for different shifts analysis. Candidates can click on the link and take reference.

Questions Asked in SSC CHSL Exam 17th March 2020 (All Shifts)| Download PDF

Questions Asked in the General Awareness Section

  1. In which year Indian Muslim league was founded?
  2. Bankapur wildlife sanctuary is situated in which state?
  3. Who is the winner of the miss world 2019?
  4. Who is the winner of the Nobel prize for literature 2019?
  5. When did Ibrahim Lodhi become the Sultan of Delhi?
  6. How many windows are there in the Hawa Mahal?
  7. Rohtang tunnel is renamed as_________.
  8. Fundamental duties have been taken from the constitution of which country?
  9. What is the tenure of the Chief justice of India?
  10. Which country topped the Breastfeeding Index in 2020?
  11. What is the time period of the 12th Five-year plan?
  12. Who was the founder of the Pala dynasty?
  13. Hirakud dam is situated on which river?
  14. Karamyodha Granth book is based on which personality?
  15. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was held in which country?
  16. When was the Rashtrapati Bhawan constructed?
  17. Who wrote ‘the Era of darkness’ book?
  18. When was the Indian Reform Association founded?
  19. Kumaon Himalayas is situated between which two rivers?
  20. Nobel Peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed Ali belongs to which country?
  21. In which year “Right to property” was removed from fundamental rights?
  22. How many districts are there in Ladakh Union territory?
  23. Panchsheel agreement was signed between which countries?
  24. What is the atomic number of Copper?
  25. What is the value of Earth’s gravitational constant?
  26. Who is the current chairman of BCCI?
  27. Which of the following are the water-soluble vitamins?
  28. Which is the largest river island in the world?
  29. Flagella is a locomotive organ of which of the following?
  30. Where is the tomb of Shershah Suri located?
  31. What is the number of base units in the international system of units?
  32. Which of the following rulers belongs to the Chola dynasty?
  33. What is the weight of Chandrayaan 2?
  34. Ozone day is celebrated on which date?
  35. Who is the CEO of YES Bank?
  36. EEG is used to measure the functioning of ________.
  37. Which state is mentioned in the 6th Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
  38. UNICEF was established on ______.
  39. Which waterfall is located on River Sharavati?
  40. Sachin Tendulkar hit his first century in which ODI?
  41. Laterite Soil is rich in ______.

Questions Asked in English language Section

  1. Cloze Test was based on Uttarakhand - The valley of flowers.
  2. Antonym = Exhale (ans. inhale)
  3. Correctly spelt = Ecstasy
  4. Correct spelling = Complacent
  5. Idiom = cross a bridge when one comes to it (Ans. Deal with a situation when, and not before, it occurs.)
  6. Antonym = Prim (ans. - synonym = formal, neat, and socially correct///// antonym = informal)
  7. Idiom = back in the saddle (ans. doing something that you stopped doing for a period of time)
  8. Antonym = Meddle
  9. Idiom = Down to earth
  10. Antonym = Surge
  11. Correct Spelling = Contemptuous.
  12. Cloze Test was based on Airport.
  13. Syn = Cove
  14. Correct Spelling = Piety
  15. Active/Passive = He bought a new car for the journey.

Ans. A new car was bought by him for the journey.

  1. Idiom = Pull up your socks
  2. Cloze Test = based on the architecture of Ajanta Caves
  3. One word = a close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword. Ans. = Sheath
  4. Antonym = Extensive
  5. One word = a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply. Ans. Reservoir
  6. Idiom = Behind the scene
  7. Idiom = Hats off
  8. Antonym = Abbreviated
  9. Synonym = Alluring

Questions Asked in the Reasoning Section 


Farmer: Field :: Artist : ?

Ans: Theatre

Logic: farmer works in fields similarly artist performs in theatre.

2. Find the letter is opposite to 5?

Ans - 2

3.Number series

126 , 217 , 344 , ?

pattern follows here :

53 + 1 = 126

63 + 1 = 217

73 + 1 = 344

83 + 1 = 513

Ans - 513

  1. Fillers series :

Repeated pattern is: BCA/ BCA/ BCA/ BCA/ BCA

  1. Triangle counting:

Ans. 28

  1. Odd one out.
  2. Growl
  3. Yell
  4. Foal (baby horse) - odd one
  5. Screech
  6. Syllogism- 

Statements: Some wood are root.

All fruit are root.

No wood are fruit.


  • Some root are fruits.
  • No fruit are wood.

Ans. Only I follows.

  1. Analogy:

7 : 43 : : 8 : ? 

Ans. 49

 logic( 7: (7x6+1) similarly 8: (8x6+1)

  1. Syllogism:


  1. Some paper are ink
  2. Some pen are ink.


  1. All ink are pen.
  2. Some pen are paper. 

Ans. Neither I nor II follows.

  1. Relation analogy:

‘Work’ is related to ‘Joule’ in the same way as ‘Power’ is related to?

Ans. watt

  1. Classification: Find the odd one out 

Dehradun, Shimla, Ladakh, Gangtok

Ans. Ladakh is the odd one out as it is not the capital of any state of India.

  1. Number series :


Logic: (+3,+3,+3,. Alternate -3,-3,-3)

Ans. 14

  1. Coding decoding; If OPERATION is written as NQDSZUHPM

Then how is GUARANTEE coded in the same language?

Logic: (-1,+1,-1,+1,-1,+1..)

Ans. So, the code of GUARANTEE is FVZSZOSFD.

  1. Number series: 

25, 5,49,10,81,20,121,?

Logic: (5x2=10; 10x2=20; 20x2= 40)

Ans. 40.

  1. Logical Venn diagram:

Which diagram best represents the relationship between the given classes- Milk, Bread, Meat

  1. The sum of the ages of the mother, son, and daughter is 96. After 5 years what is the sum of their age?

         Ans. 111

Questions Asked in Maths Section

  1. BC is chord of a circle with centre O. OD is the perpendicular to BC. If the length of BC is 24 cm, find the diameter of the circle.
  2. If x – y = 43, xy = 15, find x2 + y2?
  1. In triangle ABC, m is a point on BC, such that BM = MC. If the area of triangle ABM is 18 cm2, find the area of triangle ABC?
  2. If cosecθ + cotθ = 2, find sinθ?
  3. The sides AB & BC of a triangle are 8 cm & 3 cm respectively. What is the possible value of AC?
  1. The perimeter of a rectangle is 50m. The ratio of area & length of the rectangle is 5: 1, find the value of length?
  2. A batsman scores 77 runs in his 11th inning by which his average is increased by 3. Find his new average after 11 innings?

Ans. 47

  1. The salary of x is 25% more than that of y salary of y is what percent less than the salary of x?
  2. If we add x to numerator & denaturation of a fraction 4: 7, the ratio becomes 2 : 3 find the value of x?

Ans. 2

  1. 781 + 782 + 783 is completely divisible by.
  2. Y completes a piece of work in 40 days. X and Y complete the same work in 25 days. In how many days X alone will complete the same work?
  3. A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days and 5 days respectively. B works for 2 days and then left. In how many days A completes the remaining work?
  4. The cost price of 5 articles is equal to the selling price of 7 articles. What is the profit or loss percent?
  5. What is the value of cos 225° in a decimal fraction?
  6. The radius of the sphere is 7.5 cm, find its volume?
  7. The ratio of length & breadth of a rectangle is 5 : 3 and the difference of length & breadth is 8 cm. What is the area of the rectangle?
  8. On dividing a certain number by 3, the remainder is 2. If 5 is added to that number and divided by 3, then what is the reminder?
  9. What is the circumference of the circle of diameter 12 inches?
  10. Five years ago, the mother's age was 3 times of sons age, five years hence the age of mother will be 2 times of sons age. Find the percentage of the son?
  11. The ratio of length & length & breadth of a rectangle is 3: 2. The perimeter of a rectangle is 740 cm. What is the area of the rectangle?
  12. A and B can do a piece of work in 15 days 12 days respectively. If A & B started together then what is the percentage of work remaining after 4 days?
  13. If, then cosecθ =?
  14. If a –b = 6 and a2 – b2 = 60, then a3 + b3 = ?
  15. If the cost price & selling price of an article is Rs 925 and Rs. 978 respectively, What is the percent profit?
  16. A train and a car having speeds from the same point 72 km/hr and 54 km/hr respectively moving at right angles to each other. What is the distance between then after 20 seconds?
  17. What is the area of the triangle having sides 5 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm?
  18. If, then sin3θ =?
  19. What is the area of an equilateral triangle having a height of 12 cm?
  20. = 22% of x, find x?
  21. AB is the chard of the circle with centre O and OD is the perpendicular on AB. AB = 24 cm and OD = 5 cm, what is the area of the circle?

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