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Question Practice on Root Locus Starter Quiz

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

By adding pole to a system,

Question 2

Let the open loop transfer function of a negative feedback closed loop transfer function. where K is a non-negative real valued parameter then the angle (in °) by the asymptote with the positive real axis are

Question 3

The centroid of the root locus with open loop transfer function  is:

Question 4

The open-loop transfer function of a negative unity feedback system is given by
The value of gain ‘k’ at valid break-point will be ______

Question 5

A unity feedback system is given , where K < 0, the correct root locus diagram is

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

The transfer function of the system is

Question 7

The root locus of a unity feedback system is shown below.

The frequency at which root locus branch crosses the jω i.e. imaginary axis is.

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