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Question 1

In the Polar Plot shown below, in which region should the point (–1, 0) lie so that the system is stable?

Question 2

The polar plot of given transfer function is

Question 3

The open loop transfer function is given below

The number of anticlockwise encirclements about (–1, 0) point for the system to be stable_______.

Question 4

for a closed loop system to be stable, the nyquist plot of G(s)H(s) must encircle the point (-1, j0) as many times as the number of

Question 5

The closed loop frequency response, |M(jω)| versus frequency of a second order system is shown below:

The value of the maximum overshoot (Mp) in percent and natural frequency (ωn) of the system for unit step input are respectively.

Question 6

Consider the closed loop transfer function

The magnitude plot |T(jω)| versus (ω/ωn) of the system for different values of damping ratio (ξ) is shown below.

Which of the following orders of damping ratios is correct?

Question 7

A unit step input is applied to a unity feedback control system having open loop transfer function,

The specifications are such that the maximum overshoot is 20% and resonant frequency is ωr = 6 rad/sec. The values of K and T are

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