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Question Practice on Bode Plot Starter Quiz

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

Bode magnitude plot of a minimum phase unity feedback system with all real zeros and poles is given below

Which of the following statements are correct?

Question 2

The low-frequency asymptote in the Bode plot of

has a slope of

Question 3

The Transfer function in relation to Bode Plot given below is

Question 4

The Bode magnitude plot of the open loop transfer function G(s) of a certain system is shown below:

If the system is of minimum phase type then the open loop transfer G(s) will be given by.

Question 5

A certain unity feedback control system is given by,

G(s) =

If the system has the gain margin of 10 dB, then find the steady state error for a unit ramp input.

Question 6

The bode plot of a transfer function G(s) is shown in the figure below;

The gain 20log|G(s)| is 24 dB and –16dB at 1 rad/s and 10 rad/s respectively. The phase is negative for all ω. Then G(s) is

Question 7

The Bode plot of a system is given. It’s transfer function is

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