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Question 1

A box contains two coins. One coin has a head on both sides. The other has a head on one side and a tail on the other. A coin is selected from the box at random and then one of its faces is observed at random. If this face is head, what is the probability that the other face is also a head?

Question 2

Two people, A and B, need to cross a bridge. A can cross the bridge in 10 minute and B can cross it in 5 minutes. There is also a bicycle available and any person can cross the bridge in 1 minute with the bicycle. Then the shortest time that both men can get across the bridge is nearest to

Question 3

Given a set of four consecutive integers, a possible value of their product is

Question 4

Let T be the set of integers {2, 12, 22, 32, …., 542, 552} and S be a subset of T such that no two elements of S add up to 554. The maximum possible number of elements in S is

Question 5

784, when divided by 2400, gives a remainder

Question 6

Let a, b, c be three non-zero distinct digits. Consider the 2-digit number ab and the 3-digit number ccb, both defined under decimal number system. If (ab)2 = ccb, and ccb > 300, then the value of b is

Question 7

Twenty points are marked on a straight line and twenty-one points are marked on another straight line. The number of triangles that can be constructed with vertices chosen from among these points is

Question 8

Two triangles T1 and T2 have three sides of length 10,10,12 and 10,10,16 respectively. If A1 and A2 are the areas of T1 and T2 respectively, then the ratio A1 : A2 is

Question 9

There are two concentric circles. PQRS is a square, inscribed in the outer circle. It also circumscribes the inner circle, touching it at point B, C, D, and A. The ratio of the perimeter of the outer circle to that of the polygon ABCD is

Question 10

In how many ways can 3 persons be seated in a row of 7 chairs?

Question 11

What is the number of different outcomes if three indistinguishable dice are rolled?

Question 12

Consider the numbers f(n) =n3 + 2n, where n is a positive integer. How many of the following statements are then true?
Statement I: f(n) is divisible by 3 for all odd integers n.
Statement II: f(n) is divisible by 3 for all n.
Statement III: f(n) is divisible by 6 for all even integers n.
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