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Question 1

Which of the following is the largest integer less than (2 + √3)4?

Question 2

If the equation x3 – 9x2 + 26x – p = 0 has 3 positive real roots, then

Question 3

By which of the following is the polynomial x7 + x2 + 1 always divisible?

Question 4

If x > 0, which of the following is the minimum value of x2 + 4x + 4/x + 1/x?

Question 5

Let N be a factor of 215 × 310 × 106 such that N is either a perfect square or a perfect cube. How many values of N are possible?

Question 6

What is the number of ordered triplets (p, q, r), where p, q, r are all non-negative integers and p × q × r = 1000?

Question 7

The largest integer x for which (x+5) is factor of (x5+5) is

Question 8

M is a product of four consecutive positive odd integers. When M is divided by 5, the remainder is N. How many different values of N are possible?

Question 9

Let M be a number such that whenever M consecutive positive integers are taken, at least one of them is coprime to 374 . What is the smallest possible value of M?

Question 10

There is a cyclic trapezium with its circumcenter on one of its sides. The ratio of the two parallel sides is 4:1. What is the ratio of the sum of the two oblique sides to the longer parallel side?

Question 11

There is a circle with radius 1 unit. There is a chord also of length one unit in this circle. What is the area of the largest triangle inscribed in this circle with this chord as its base?

Question 12

Two vertices of a square lie on a circle of radius 1, and the other two vertices lie on a tangent to this circle. Then, each side of the square is
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