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Question 1

In a rectangular parallelopiped A, let a, b, and c be the lengths of the diagonals on three faces having a corner in common. Let d be the length of the largest diagonal that can be drawn in A . Then

Question 2

Let S be a set of any five distinct numbers chose from the set {1, 2, 3, …, 7, 8}. Then S contains

Question 3

The area of a right-angled triangle is 40 sq cms and its perimeter is 40 cms. The length of its hypotenuse (in cm) is

Question 4

All five faces of a regular pyramid with a square base are found to be of the same area. The height of the pyramid is 3 cm. The total area of all its surfaces (in sq cm) is

Question 5

An integer yields a perfect square if you add it to 100. The same integer also yields another perfect square if you add it to 168. The sum of the digits of this integer is

Question 6

Multiplication of a four digit number by 9 produces a four digit number with the same digits in reverse order. Then sum of the digits of the number must be

Question 7

If the value of the repeating decimal 0.7434343434 … is expressed in the fractional form x/495, then the sum of the digits in x is

Question 8

Let N be the number of ways in which three distinct numbers can be selected from the set {1,2,3,4,…,300} such that their sum is divisible by 3. Then

Question 9

A box contains 5 green, 3 black, and 7 red balls. Two balls are selected at random without replacement from the box. What is the probability that both balls are red?

Question 10

The minimum distance between the straight line 3x + 4y –43 = 0 and the curve
x2 + y2 – 4x – 6y – 12 = 0 is

Question 11

A pastry shop sells 4 kinds of pastries. How many distinct sets of 7 pastries can one buy?

Question 12

Amal wishes to call a friend from a public phone booth which accepts only one rupee coins. Amal can remember all but the last digit of his friend’s number. He has two one rupee coins in his pocket. He selects the last digit at random. If he gets a wrong number, he again selects the last digit at random from among the unused digits. The probability that he dials the correct number before running out of one rupee coins is
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