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CAT 2019 | Quantitative Aptitude || Super Quiz 12 || 23.11.2019

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Question 1

The number of zeros at the end of 1000! (factorial 1000) is:

Question 2

The value of is

Question 3

Given that x is a number greater than one, an increasing sequence would be:

Question 4

If a, b c, and d are integers in the range 10 to 15 (both inclusive), the greatest value of (a + b)(c + d) is

Question 5

A box contains 12 times. Four of them are chosen at random and inspected. The entire box is rejected if more than one item inspected is found to be faulty. Given that there are three faulty items in the box, the probability of the box being accepted is:

Question 6

How many numbers between 5 and 95 (both inclusive) have odd number of distinct factors?

Question 7

If the roots of are equal in magnitude and opposite in sign, then the product of the roots is:

Question 8

If ax = by = cz = dw then loga (bcd) is equal to:

Question 9

In an infinite geometric progression, the nth term is equal to three times the sum of all the terms that follow it and the sum of the first two terms is 15. Then the sum of the whole series is:

Question 10

If x is real, and m = (x2 – x + 1)/(x2 + x + 1) then:

Question 11

If up to ∞, then the value of x is:

Question 12

Let then is equal to:
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