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Quant Quiz - Mensuration - 25 June 2022

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Question 1

What part of a hemispherical ditch of radius 12 m can be filled by the earth dug out in making a cylindrical ditch of radius 6 m and height 2 m?

Question 2

Square of the one of the perpendicular sides of the right-angled triangle is 49 m and the ratio of its hypotenuse and other perpendicular side is 25 : 24. Find the area of triangle.

Question 3

The area of a square is 1024 sq.cm. What is the respective ratio between the length and the breadth of a rectangle whose length is twice the side of the square and breadth is 12 cm less than the side of the square?

Question 4

The largest possible cone is cut out from a cube of volume of 1000cm3. What is the volume of the cone (in cm3)?

Question 5

What will be the cost of fencing a circular field whose area is 1386 sq m? The cost of fencing is Rs.5 per metre.
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