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By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : April 1st, 2022

The Psychology books for UPSC are a very necessary part while preparing for the UPSC exam as it helps in scoring more marks in the optional subject. Psychology is a favorite optional subject among Civil Services aspirants. It is stated as a scientific study of the human mind and its functions. The paper on Psychology includes Methods of Psychology, development of human behavior, learning, research methods, and many more. 

Aspirants must not panic about the exam as there are many books on Psychology by which you can score well in the exam. Let’s check out the best Psychology books for UPSC that will help you complete the UPSC Syllabus in an effective manner. 

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Psychology Books for UPSC for Beginners

Those candidates who haven’t studied psychology, and opted for the psychology optional in the UPSC Mains exam can easily fetch good marks in this subject. But these candidates need to start with beginner-level psychology optional books for UPSC. the basic psychology books like NECRT would help you to develop a good foundation in this subject, and later you can switch to some advanced level psychology books for IAS. To make things easier for you we have also added the PDF file of NCERT psychology books below

Psychology Books for UPSC Paper-1

Paper-1 of the Psychology Syllabus for UPSC deals with the foundation of psychology. It includes topics like introduction to psychology, methods of psychology, thinking and problem solving, etc. Here are some of the best psychology books for UPSC for paper-1.

  • NCERTs 11th and 12th 
  • Introduction to Psychology Morgan & King
  • Systems & Theories of Psychology Krawiec & Chaplin
  • Psychology by Morgan and King
  • Textbook of Psychology by Morgan and King
  • Textbook of Psychology (Indian adaptation) by Robert Baron
  • Psychology by Ciccarelli
  • Social Psychology Baron & Byrne
  • Theories of Personality Hall & Lindzey

Psychology Books for UPSC Paper-2

Psychology optional paper-2 includes Psychology: Issues and Application. Candidates must pick the right psychology books for UPSC to cover the topics covered in this section.

  • Smarak Swain- Applied Psychology
  • Statistics for Psychology by Aron, Aron, Coups
  • Social Psychology by Robert Baron, Branscombe, Gopa Bhardwaj, Byrne
  • Tests, Measurements, and Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences by A K Singh – Bharti Bhawan publications
  • Social Psychology by Robert Baron, Branscombe, Gopa Bhardwaj, Byrne
  • The Psychology of Small Groups Shaw

Download Important UPSC Psychology Booklist PDF

Candidates can download the PDF file of the Psychology Books for UPSC directly from the link given below. It would be easier for the candidates to keep track of all the important psychology books required for UPSC. 

>>UPSC Psychology Booklist PDF

Best Psychology Books for UPSC Exam

We have segmented the Psychology books for UPSC category-wise below. These are highly recommended books by IAS toppers, that will give you an in-depth understanding of the following category.

Important Books


Textbook of Psychology (Indian adaptation)

Robert Baron

Social Psychology textbook

Baron and Branscombe

Research book

AK Singh

Applied Psychology

Smarak Swain

Social Psychology

Baron & Byrne

Statistics for Psychology

Aron, Aron, Coups

Theories of Personality

Hall & Lindzey

How to prepare with Psychology Book for UPSC?

To start the exam preparation, you must go through these tips in order to score good marks in exams. A few of the preparation tips are mentioned below. 

  • You should prepare for your exam from the NCERTs books which will make you understand the basics concepts of the Economy clearly such as the Textbook of Psychology (Indian adaptation) by Robert Baron and many more.
  • It is important to understand the basic concepts and terms such as Psychology, development of human behavior, learning, research methods, and many more.
  • Make a habit of reading a newspaper daily to enhance your knowledge with respect to the country’s recent economic development.
  • Must focus on clearing the important topics of Psychology, development of human behavior, learning, research methods is very important for the aspirants to score well in the exam.
  • Follow the best books for Psychology for preparation so that you can understand the concepts properly. 


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  • We have mentioned the complete list of Psychology Optional Books for UPSC above in this post. However, the below-mentioned books are highly recommended.

    • Psychology by Robert A Baron.
    • Psychology by Saundra Ciccarelli.
    • Understanding Psychology by Robert S. Feldman.
    • Tests, Measurements and Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences by A K Singh.
    • Psychology – Classes XI & XII NCERT textbooks.
    • Applied Psychology by Smarak Swain.
  • Out of all the Psychology Optional Books for UPSC, the most preferred and often recommended is Psychology by Robert A Baron and The Indian Economy by Saundra Ciccarelli. Both are very good books for Psychology. Saundra Ciccarelli's book is more specific and crisp whereas Robert A Baron book is a detailed version. To prepare for the Psychology topics, you can go through these books as they will help you to understand the topics covered in the psychology UPSC syllabus.

  • Candidates first begin their preparation with the NCERT Psychology Books for UPSC. It is important to clear the basic concepts first before going into advanced learning of psychology. Make short notes from the book, and highlight the important points with a bullet or numbering format. 

  • Candidates must keep a PDF list of all the Psychology books for UPSC as it is not feasible to visit the website again and again to see the booklist of psychology books. That is why we have provided a direct link to download the list of psychology books above in this post. 

  • Applied Psychology by Smarak Swain’ is one of the best Psychology Books for UPSC. apart from the easy-to-understand language, this book also converted the content into flowcharts beautifully. The flowcharts make it easier for the candidates to understand and memorize the concepts.

  • Psychology is one of the popular optional subjects for UPSC among the aspirants due to its high success rate compared to other subjects. It is one of the appropriate optional subjects that the candidates can choose as it has a higher success rate.

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