UPSC Political Science Optional Syllabus PDF: Download in Hindi & English

By Sneha Shanti|Updated : February 22nd, 2019

The application/registration for India's most prestigious exam has already commenced. While an aspirant must be engrossed in his/her preparation of the CSE prelims, the role of an optional cannot be looked over. Also, it is at the initial stage, i.e. form-filling stage, that an aspirant has to fill up his/her preference for the optional paper. It is the determining factor behind a candidate’s selection to the top posts because if he/she fails to score above average in optional, even after making through the merit list, they fail to bag the top services.

Syllabus at a glance



Section A

This section has 4 different sub sections

  1. Political theory- From Point 1 to 7
  2. Political ideologies- Point 8
  3. Indian political thought- Point 9
  4. Western political thought- Point 10



 This section can be broadly divided into 3 sub sections

  1. Nationalism and Constitution
  2. Core Polity Topics
  3. Miscellaneous topics



Section A

This section can be divided into 3 subsections

  1. Comparative politics
  2. Theories and concepts in international relations
  3. Global institutions and groups

Section B



We bring to you the syllabus of PSIR in the PDF format both in English and in Hindi here. Click on the buttons below to download the PDFs

Political Science optional syllabus in Hindi

Political Science optional syllabus in English


Why PSIR can be a good choice??

It is not uncommon to hear people say that the preparation for pre and mains is integrated for a Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) student. The GS mains syllabus is 60% of what is prescribed in the PSIR syllabus. It has huge overlaps with the GS syllabus of the prelims as well. The amount of knowledge that one gets from PSIR, esp with topics like Ideologies, Globalization, International Relations, Indian Society gives you an edge in the essay paper. The syllabus is such designed that it will give an aspirant a 365-degree world view of all the prevalent topics and this will be highly helpful during the interview. PSIR stands out in terms of its dynamism. In paper II current affairs play a major role in determining your marks. Thus, even without mugging up a lot say for theories, you have an advantage. 

While one might also get caught up in the wrong preconceived notion that the syllabus is vast and huge and that one must read a lot of theories and theorists. In reality, a lot of these are repeated and are interrelated. E.g. Concept of Marxism is close to what one has to study while reading Marx and Gramsci. Topics like state, justice, democracy are interlinked, concepts of State by Hobbes Locke and Rousseau are all interrelated and flow from one another. There are topics like HR and democracy and environment which are covered in both the papers. Thus, in retrospect, a lot of your time might be saved why catering to the dynamic demands of the examination. Choose your optional wisely! :)

All the best!

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Sachin Mishra
Mam PSIR optional best study material in Hindi please please
Vivek Rawat

Vivek RawatFeb 22, 2019

Would you provide chemistry syllabus as well
Rashmi Talan

Rashmi TalanFeb 23, 2019

Thank you very much
Sneha Shanti

Sneha ShantiFeb 26, 2019

@Sachin Mishra Hi, you will have to let me know if you have had pol sc for your graduation or not? Accordingly i will let you know.
Saloni Singh

Saloni SinghJun 20, 2019

Book koun sa padhna padega political science optional k liye
Priya Srivastav
Mam notes provide kra de please ,PSIR ke
Mani Garg

Mani GargFeb 4, 2020

Mam please describe the study material for psir and I am from commerce background
Nainsi Singh

Nainsi SinghOct 14, 2020

Sir Hindi ka PDF

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