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PSC Civil Engg. Transportation Quiz 5

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Question 1

While Designing a hill road with a ruling gradient 3%,if a sharp horizontal curve of 60 m radius is encounterded ,the compensated gradient of the curve as per IRC specification should be

Question 2

An ascending gradient of 1 in 80 meets a descending gradient of 1 in 40. The length of summit curve required to provide overtaking sight distance of 600m will be

Question 3

Match the following. Match List-A (type of cutback bitumen) with List B (solvent used) and select the correct codes.

Question 4

In the absence of superelevation, the formation of pot holes, is generally

Question 5

The radius of a horizontal circular curve on a highway is 120 m. The design speed is 60
km/hour, and the design coefficient of lateral friction between the tyre and the road surface is 0.15. The estimated value of superelevation required (if full lateral friction is assumed to
develop), and the value of coefficient of friction needed (if no superelevation is provided) will, respectively, be
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