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PSC Civil Engg: Surveying Quiz 1

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Question 1

In a leveling survey, the summation of all back sights and the summation of all foresights are 7.475 and 7.395 m, respectively. The reduced level of the initial benchmark is 100.000 m.
The reduced level of the last point where the staff is held will be

Question 2

For better accuracy in measuring and plotting the sides of a triangle by triangulation, the angles of the triangle

Question 3

Regarding a Prismatic Compass, which one of the following statements is correct?

Question 4

The magnetic bearing of a line (on full-circle mensuration basis) is 55 ° 30’ East. The true magnetic bearing of the line will be.(Given declination is 5 °30’ E)

Question 5

The levelling staff held at a distance of 200 m is read at 4.54 m with the bubble out of centre by 2 divisions towards the observer. If the sensitiveness of the bubble is 25 secs/division, and 1 division = 2 mm, then actual staff reading must have been
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