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PSC Civil Engg: Surveying Quiz 5

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Question 1

While running a line of levels from a bench mark of RL 23.47 m to another benchmark of RL 23.5 m, It was observed that the sum of backsights is 16.26 m. The sum of all the foresights should be __________m.

Question 2

The system that uses the Sun as a source of electromagnetic energy and records the naturally radiated and reflected energy from the object is called

Question 3

Reciprocal leveling was done between two points A and B, the readings of which are as shown below:

If the atmospheric conditions do not change during the period of observation and R.L. of A is 130 m then the R.L. of B is__

Question 4

The method of orientation used, when the plane table occupies a position not yet located on the map, is called as

Question 5

What is ABC if FB of line AB is 40 ° and BB of line BC is 280 °?
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