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PSC Civil Engg: Strength of Materials Quiz 8

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Question 1

For an elastic material, Poisson’s ratio is Modulus of Elasticity is E, Modulus of Rigidity is G and Bulk Modulus is K.

μ is expressible in terms of K and G as

Question 2

Which one of the following represents constitutive relationship?

Question 3

In the slope-deflection equations, deformations are considered to be caused by

Question 4

The state of stress at a point in an elastic material, with yield stress of 200 MPa in simple tension and Poisson’s ratio 0.3, is as shown in the figure

The permissible value of by maximum strain theory is

Question 5

A solid uniform metal bar of diameter D mm and length l mm hangs vertically from its upper end. The density of the material is and its modulus of elasticity is E N/ mm2. The total extension of the rod due to its own weight would be
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