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PSC Civil Engg: Strength of Materials Quiz 3

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Question 1

A road of length L tapers uniformly from a diameter D at one end to a diameter d at the other. The young’s modulus of the material is E. The extension caused by an axial load P is

Question 2

A metal piece under the stress state of three principal stresses 30, 10 and 5 kgf/mm2 is undergoing deformation(take μ=0.5). The principal strain rates will be in the proportions of

Question 3

A: A cantilever beam deflects more with a concentrated load applied at the free end than a U.D.L of same magnitude over the entire length.
R: U.D.L over the entire length can be considered as concentrated load acting at the centre of the length.

Question 4

A: Bending moment is maximum at the point where shear force is zero.
R: Bending moment is the product of shear force and distance.

Question 5

In an internally pressurized thick cylinder, the hoop stress
1) remains constant but the radial stress varies parabolically
2) varies parabolically but the radial stress remains constant
Which of the above is/are correct?
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