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PSC Civil Engg: Strength of Materials Quiz 2

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Question 1

A simply supported beam of span l and flexural rigidity EI carries a unit load at its mid-span. The strain energy at this condition in the beam due to bending is

Question 2

A uniform T-shaped arm of weight W, pinned about a horizontal point C, is support by a vertical spring of stiffness K. The extension of the spring is

Question 3

The longitudinal strain of cylindrical bar of 25 mm diameter and 1.5 m length is found to be 3 times its lateral strain in a tensile test. What is the value of Bulk Modulus by assuming ?

Question 4

A structural element is subjected to pure shear of as shown in the figure. The yield stresses both in tension and in compression are According to the maximum normal stress theory, the factors of safety in tension and compression are, respectively

Question 5

The principal stresses at a point are (tensile) and (compressive), and the stress at elastic limit for the material in simple tension is According to maximum shear strain energy theory, the value of at failure is
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