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PSC Civil Engg: Strength of Materials Quiz 10

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Question 1

A simply supported rectangular beam of span 'L' and depth 'd' carries a central load 'W'. The ratio of maximum deflection to maximum bending stress is

Question 2

Two closed coil springs of stuffiness s and 2s are arranged in series in one case and in parallel in the other case. The ratio of stiffness of springs connected in series to parallel is

Question 3

A rectangular beam 15cm wide is subjected to a maximum shear force of 45000 N. if the corresponding maximum shear stress is 4, then the depth of beam is.

Question 4

For the simply supported beam of length L, subjected to a uniformly distributed moment M kN–m per unit length as shown in the figure, the bending moment (in kN–m) at the mid–span of the beam is

Question 5

A beam with two internal hinges is shown below, then the conjugate beam corresponding to this beam is
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