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PSC Civil Engg: Strength of Materials Quiz 1

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Question 1

Consider the following statements:
1) The maximum shear stress is one half of the normal stress in the case of uniaxial stress field.
2) In a biaxial stress field, acted upon by normal stresses unaccompanied by shear stresses, the maximum shear stress is anyone of the normal stresses.
3) The Mohr’s stress circle will be tangential to the vertical axis in the case of uniaxial stress field.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 2

In conjugate beam, bending moment at a section gives an actual beam of

Question 3

What will be the elastic flexural deflection Δ at free end of cantilever beam which is subjected to equally distanced 3 concentrated loads of magnitude P ? Assume the beam has moment of inertia I with beam material having modulus of elasticity as E.

Question 4

In the slope-deflection equations, deformations are considered to be caused by

Question 5

An overhanging beam of uniform EI is loaded as shown below. The deflection at the free end is
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