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PSC Civil Engg: R.C.C & Pre-stress Concrete Quiz 3

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Question 1

In a reinforced concrete section, shear stress distribution is diagrammatically

Question 2

Which of the following measures are relevantly considered for earthquake loading and lateral stability of tall buildings?
1) Minimizing gravity loads
2) Adding masses at floor levels
3) Ensuring ductility at the locations of maximum moments
4) Providing shear walls
5) Providing basement
Select the correct answer using the code given below:

Question 3

The bending stress in a T-beam R.C.C section is maximum
1) At top fibre
2) At centroidal fibre
3) At bottom fibre

Question 4

As the span of a bridge increases, how does the impact factor vary?

Question 5

A rectangular beam of width 230mm and effective depth 300mm is proposed to carry a BM and SF of 120 kNm and 270 kN, respectively. If M30 grade of concrete and Fe 415 steel are used for which which one of the following statements is correct?
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