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PSC Civil Engg: R.C.C & Pre-stress Concrete Quiz 2

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Question 1

In the pre-tensioning method, which of the following statements are correct?
1) The tension in the concrete is induced directly by external force
2) Tension is induced in the tendons before concreting
3) Concrete continues to be in tension after pre-stressing

Question 2

In a post-tension pre-stressed concrete beam, the end block zone is in between the end of the beam and the section where

Question 3

A singly reinforced rectangular concrete beam has a width of 150 mm and effective depth of 330 mm. The characteristic compressive strength of concrete is 20 MPa and the tensile strength of steel is 415 MPa. Adopt the stress block for concrete as per IS 456-2000 and take the limiting value of depth of neutral axis as 0.48 times the effective depth of the beam for considering as a balanced section. What is the likely approximation for the limiting value of the moment of resistance of the beam?

Question 4

As the span of a bridge increases, how does the impact factor vary?

Question 5

Consider the following cases in the design of reinforced concrete members in flexure:
1) Over-reinforced section
2) Tension failure
3) Compression failure
4) Under-reinforced section
Which of the above cases are considered for the safe design of R.C members in flexure?
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