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PSC Civil Engg: Fluid Mechanics Quiz 10

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Question 1

At a point on a streamline, the velocity is 3 m/s and the radius of curvature is 9 m. If the rate of increase of velocity along the streamline at this point is 1/3 m/s/m, then the total acceleration at this point would be

Question 2

A centrifugal pump has an axial inlet of 15 cm diameter and an impeller of 36 cm diameter. The width of the impeller at the outlet is 30 mm as shown in the figure. 8% of the outlet area can be assumed to be occupied by the blades. For a flow of 100 lps, the radial component of velocity at the outlet of the impeller is ____ m/s.

Question 3

For a best (or most economical) trapezoidal section

Question 4

The sum of the squares of two odd numbers is 11570. The square of the smaller number is 5329. What is the other number?

Question 5

A venturimeter laid at 45 ° to the horizontal is connected to a differential mercury manometer and the deflection shown is 'a' cm. If the venturimeter is made horizontal, tha deflection in the manometer will be
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