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PSC Civil Engg: Fluid Mechanics Quiz 5

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Question 1

Consider the following statements regarding a turbine:
1) Specific speed plays an important role in the selection of the type of turbine.
2) An increase in specific speed of the turbine is accompanied by higher maximum efficiency.
3) The runner of too high specific speed with high available head increases the cost of the turbine on account of the high mechanical strength required.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 2

Consider the following statements:
1) Surge tanks are not substitutes for forebays.
2) Pumped storage power plants are a boon to power generation.
3) Water hammer in penstocks is not dangerous.
4) Kaplan turbines are used in low head power plants.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 3

A circular pipe of radius R carries a laminar flow of a fluid. The average velocity is indicated as the local velocity at what radial distance, measured from the centre?

Question 4

The performance of a hydraulic structure during a flood has been investigated in a 1/25 model based on Froude law of similarity. A flood wave passing through the model in 2hrs. corresponds to prototype period of:

Question 5

A fluid flow is described by a velocity field

What is the absolute velocity (in magnitude) at the point (2,2,1)?

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