Properties of Solid, Liquid, Gas

By K Balaji|Updated : November 4th, 2022

Solids have definite shape and volume. Liquids have a definite volume but no fixed shape. Gases have no definitie shape and volume. The solids cannot be compressed whereas liquids are slightly compressed and gases are easily compressed.

Properties of Solids -

1) The shape and volume of a solid are fixed.

2) Solids are not compressible.

3) The density of solids is high.

4) There is a significant force of attraction between the particles in a solid.

5) The distance between solids' particles is minuscule.

Properties of Liquids -

1) Liquids lack a definite shape but do have a fixed volume.

2) The ability to mildly compress liquids. To compress them, a lot of pressure is needed.

Liquids are less dense than solids, according to 3.

4) The attraction between molecules is weaker than that between solids.

5) There is a lot of room between the particles.

Properties of gases -

1) Neither the shape nor the volume of a gas is fixed.

2) Gases are easily compressed

3) Among the three, gases have the lowest density.

4) The weakest attractional forces are between molecules.

5) There is a lot of space between the gas particle.


What are the Properties of Solid, Liquid, Gas?

Solids have distinct volume and shape. Despite having a permanent shape, liquids have a fixed volume. Gases lack definite volume and shape. While liquids can be mildly compressed, and gases can be easily compressed, solids cannot be compressed.

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