How to Prepare for GATE Mechanical from 3rd Year of Graduation?

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 31st, 2022

GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering is a highly competitive and rewarding exam. With the growing competition, students in the 3rd year are looking for ways and methods to know how to prepare for GATE Mechanical from the 3rd year itself. Each year more than 8 Lakhs of students sit for the exam, making it really tough to achieve a good rank among all. GATE is a charming opportunity for students to get placed in PSUs like NTPC, ONGC, NTPC, BHEL, UPCL, HP, etc. 

Students are advised that they shall consider their course also as it is really important to not hamper their ME studies. In this article, we will see important aspects that students preparing for the GATE Mechanical exam in the 3rd year of their graduation shall consider scoring well in the GATE exam

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Preparation Tips for GATE Mechanical from 3rd Year

With growing competition and the immense benefits of the GATE Mechanical exam, students are advised to start preparing for the exam as early as they can. Starting preparation in the 3rd year shall be done in a way that doesn’t affect the graduation course. Here are a few tips that students shall follow to prepare for GATE Mechanical from 3rd year of graduation:

Get accustomed to the GATE Mechanical syllabus and GATE Mechanical exam pattern

Students who are starting preparation for the GATE exam in the 3rd year are advised to go through the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly. Understand the topics that are important for the exam. Select the topics that are already covered in their curriculum and prepare them accordingly.

Students are advised to not go through topics that are not covered in the curriculum unless they have prepared already covered topics as it will only increase time consumption. 

  • Select the topics you can prepare 
  • Allot 2-3 hours for the GATE preparation
  • Understand the types of questions
  • Revise the topics
  • Attempt topic wise mock tests

Select the Topics you can Prepare 

Students are advised to select the topics in the subject according to their comfort zone and curriculum. They shall consider the curriculum topics first as it will also help in clearing the graduation topics easily. 

Students who start preparing for GATE Mechanical in the 3rd year get a good grip over the subjects. They are seen scoring well in the graduation course as well as they have covered those topics in the GATE preparation.  

Allot 2-3 Hours for the GATE Preparation

Students shall allot time specifically to the GATE Mechanical preparation apart from the graduate studies. At Least 2-3 hours of dedicated preparation is required in order to crack the GATE exam. Students are advised to dedicate the time in accordance with the Mechanical engineering course. 

Understand the Types of Questions

Students are advised to solve GATE Mechanical question papers of all previous years. This will help them to understand the types of questions asked in the GATE exam. With this, they can dedicate their time to the specific topics rather than wasting the time on the Non-GATE specific topics.

Revise the Topics

Students shall revise each topic that they have prepared already. As soon as they finish a topic, they shall start revising. Revision is an important part of the preparation. This will help them to retain the conceptual knowledge gained while preparing. 

Attempt Topic-wise Mock Tests

The important part of the preparation is to test your gained knowledge. Students shall join trusted online portals to attempt mock tests of every topic that they finish preparing. Section-wise mock tests help students to build a topic-wise grip on the subject. This will help in creating a strong base for the GATE Mechanical exam.

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  • Yes, starting preparation in the third year is one of the best strategies that students can follow to prepare for the GATE Mechanical Engineering exam. It will give students enough time to prepare for the exam and practice more.

  • Yes, students can clear GATE Mechanical in the 3rd year. Clearing GATE in the 3rd year is challenging but can be achieved.

  • To prepare for the GATE Mechanical exam, 180-210 days are more than enough. Students can prepare for the GATE Mechanical engineering exam in 3-4 months, preparing for 4-5 hours every day.



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