How to Prepare For MICAT And Other MBA Entrance Exams Together?

By Gaurav Gupta|Updated : November 17th, 2021

Almost every MBA candidate will have a question about how to manage and prepare for both the MICAT and CAT exams. Preparing for both exams at the same time is not an uphill battle because the syllabuses are very similar. The fundamentals of all MBA entrance exams are the same; all you have to do now is focus on the significant differences between the SNAP and CAT exams. The CAT exam, for example, has a sectional time limit, whereas the SNAP exam does not. As a result, there are a few intricacies that candidates should be aware of as they prepare for the SNAP and other MBA entrance exams.

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Sectional Preparation Guide for MICAT along with Other MBA Exams

We'll show you how to prepare for MICAT and the other MBA examinations here. Simply look over the topics below to learn how to prepare for both tests sectionally. You must also go through the detailed MICAT Paper Pattern and MICAT Syllabus 2021

MICAT Preparation for Verbal Ability Section

When it comes to the Verbal component of MBA entrance examinations, the MICAT and other exams' syllabuses are nearly identical. All of the tests have a comparable level of difficulty. The only difference is that CAT is a little more difficult than MICAT because it places a greater emphasis on vocabulary.

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Moving on to RCs, CAT RCs are a combination of inference and fact-based types, whereas MICAT RCs are predominantly fact-based. The RC portions in MICAT are longer than the CAT passages, ranging from 1500 to 2000 words, however, they are substantially easier. So, studying this subject for both examinations is very similar; the main difference is that the MICAT exam requires a bit more concentration on vocabulary. Others, such as focusing on grammar, reading daily newspapers/articles, practising daily questions on a certain topic, and working on vocab, are comparable.

MICAT Preparation for Quantitative Ability Section

The MICAT and CAT exams have substantially identical syllabuses. The only difference is the difficulty level of the questions. In recent years, the complexity of the CAT exam has reduced, while the quality of MICAT questions has improved. Both are equally important when it comes to significant concerns. The difficulty stems from the topics' complexity, such as Data Interpretation in MICAT, which contains significantly more complex computations than the CAT. When it comes to complicated computations, MICAT contains more sorts of problems than CAT. As a result, passing the MICAT exam for MBA candidates becomes a little more challenging.

MICAT Preparation for General Awareness Section

This is one of the areas where MICAT differs from the CAT exam. The General Knowledge portion is not included in the CAT. As a result, applicants studying for MICAT should concentrate on this portion. This part can be used in one of two ways: to maximise your score in the shortest amount of time or to simply clear the cut-off. If all you want to do is pass the cut-off, prepare static GK such as books and authors, Noble Awards, capital and currencies, lakes and rivers, and so on, as well as keep up with current events. If you have a strong interest in GA, think of this portion as a scoring component that will help you improve your score and pass the MICAT exam.

MICAT Preparation for Psychometric Test Section

This section of the MICAT exam makes it different from any other MBA entrance exam. The examiner wants to see how loyal and truthful the applicants are when answering the questions in this portion. The candidate's answers reflect his or her attitude and behaviour. The examiner's main goal is to assess the candidate's personality. Before delivering replies, it's a good idea to read the questions two or three times. On the internet, you can find practise questions from the PYQs' collection.

MICAT Preparation for Divergent-Convergent Thinking Section

This section is again a unique section of the MICAT exam and is found in no other MBA entrance exam. This portion normally assesses the candidate's ability to think critically and logically. As a result, logical reasoning skills are required. As a result, a candidate must concentrate on time management. Analyze your performance while working on a paper and correct any errors.

Best Books to Prepare for MICAT 2021

MICAT Preparation for Descriptive Test Section

The candidate's creative and inventive abilities are crucial in this area. When given a topic, one must use his or her creative abilities to write an essay or tale. If you aren't very good at it, you should practise writing. To begin, you must determine whether the issue is abstract or knowledge-based. Abstract topics include things like "Every cloud has a silver lining," "Haste Makes Waste," and so on. For knowledge-based essays, one must be up to date on current events, economic issues, history, and politics. Read daily newspapers/articles/blogs/magazines for this. To improve your MICAT performance, practise writing at least twice a week.

Mock Strategy for MICAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams

The preparation methodologies for the MICAT and other MBA Entrance Exams are nearly identical. All that is required for the MICAT exam is solid calculation skills. You can take two MICAT simulated tests and three CAT mock tests once a week. You'll be able to balance your preparation for both tests while also analysing the differences in exam patterns. If you prepare in this method, you will be able to control MICAT while studying for the CAT. You will be better prepared for the CAT and MICAT if you take more mock tests. So, try to implement this phoney strategy in your disciplined life.

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