Preparation Strategy for JEE Main & Advanced in the last 6 Months

By Keshav Soni|Updated : October 5th, 2017

Dear engineering aspirants,

Most of you have a dream to study in an IIT or a NIT and you are here to achieve that dream. Now I want share some tips based on my preparation experiences on time management. I will write some detailed article on time management and subject management soon. This is an overview.

Now,this period from October to December is a critical period for many students because the pressure of preparing for the JEE is immense. For the months of October to December I would suggest these points:

  1. Don't think too much about the exam. Just try to understand everything you are being taught in the class, do your homework regularly
  2. Try to find some free time on Saturdays and Sundays as most of you might have these two weekly holidays. During these two days,try to revise the topics of class 11 as they weigh around 40 % in the JEE.
  3. If you have prepared that chapter well in 11th class, try to solve problems related to the chapters rather than mugging up the theory.
  4. If you haven't prepared well then first of all try to understand high weightage concepts. Revising last year's chapters on weekends will be very important as it will prove to be very helpful in the peak months of Feb and March where you are preparing for the boards.

Now,I want to throw some light on the most important part of your JEE preparation, which is the revision. No preparation is complete without proper revision. As most of you might be dealing with board examination and JEE Main together,it becomes difficult for most students to cope up with the stress. I will suggest you simple ways to prepare for both examinations together.

  1. First of all, to clear JEE you need to be self motivated and focused. There can be a time when you feel that you can't clear the exam, this was the case with me too. But you should have the never-give-up attitude.
  2. Now coming to the point of preparation, first of all don't think these two exams as different exams. Actually if you have prepared well for the boards then there will not be any problem in dealing with JEE Main.
  3. As you know 80% of the chemistry and 60% of physics in JEE Main questions comes from NCERT, so try to learn NCERT and board exams are the best way to do that!!
  4. As far as Mathematics is concerned, try to learn all the formula and solve mathematics for 1 hour regularly.

Coming to time management during the month of February and March. It may vary from person to person and subject to subject, but I'm giving a rough idea for managing time.

  • In the month of February try to focus equally on boards and JEE Main.
  • I used to study 6 hours for JEE Main and 6 hours for boards.
  • Study English and the fifth subject well as most of you might have not prepared for it before.
  • Don't just read the NCERT books try to understand most of the theory and learn the things which are important . You can highlight the points which you find important.
  • Now, in the month of march, which is your board examination time, prepare hard for your board exams but try to get atleast 2 hours for the JEE preparation.
  • In these 2 hours solve previous years paper, practice problems, and memorize formula.
  • In the last week, try to solve full length sample paper within the time limit, as this will be the final touch to your revision.

At last, what matters is how you perform on that particular day. Go to the exam centre with confidence. You should be neither too exited nor too tensed. Try to give the best in those 3 hrs and you will probably get your desired result.

All the best!!

Keshav Soni
IIT Kanpur


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Mriganka Medhi
Hello sir
I am dropping 1 year to prepare for JEE. Now I am preparing for JEE but I am not able to manage the time. Please give me some suggestions. Also tell me something on what book and what topic should i give more time.
Lahari Rocks
It's really helpful sir.. thank you
Sanjay Bidikar
Thank you very much sir ✌
Ruchi Raikwar
Thanks for this post 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Sneha Mallah

Sneha MallahOct 10, 2017

Thanks sir
Kartik Jaiswal
What were our marks in Ur institute before jee
Janhvi Somani

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